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Bll July 18, 2014 at 07:23 PM
I went to the Boys Club as a kid and did alot of volunterring for them. Sounds like a good program. Read MoreOnce I get settled I'll see if they can use my volunteer help.
Nick M. July 17, 2014 at 07:49 AM
Thanks Paul now can u please fix the Damn potholes? I mean that is your ACTUAL job. Anyways I'mRead Moremo ving out of greenburgh citing this liberal creep as one of the top reasons. Wait until they do the property tax reevaluation and try to soak us for more. Feiner should move to Cuba they are always looking for a good communist dictator.
John O Lofaro July 17, 2014 at 08:56 AM
Paul Feiner should be proud of himself (sarcasm). He has been able to bully a legal entity to stopRead Morel easing to another legal entity just to push his own agenda, or perhaps to cover up his misguided actions. Con Ed will now lose whatever monies it gets from the shooting range. The range will have to either relocate, after 70 years of no incident, or close. 70 years the range was fine. No one complained. Then someone allowed Toll Brothers to build homes in extremely close proximity to the range. Now the range is the problem? Feiner now has a problem with the range being in a residential area. Maybe someone should look into the approval process for allowing the buildings to go up since that is the most recent change? I am sure that the whole process was on the up and up, but who thought this was a good idea? If I decide to allow a housing development to be built next door to the county center, should the county center then have to move because the chance of a resident getting hit and killed by a car from the traffic is statistically greater than the problems of the shooting range? I do not place any blame of ill will on Con Ed, politically what choice did they have. Perhaps the residential development along with the range could have worked out some better protection? I have lived in Greenburgh almost my entire life; I did not even know the range was there. So the lesson Mr. Feiner has taught us is, if you want to make a change to a legal entity that has done nothing wrong simply talk about it in half truths over as many media outlets as possible, spinning the details until you sway enough people to gang up on the parties involved making them change who they are or do something against themselves. Wow that sounds almost exactly like the definition of bulling my 6 year old was given! But this case must be OK, because he must be acting in the interest of the greater good.
Dean Gallea July 17, 2014 at 09:09 AM
Let's see... Allow the owners of gun range with a sweetheart lease deal to dictate where people can Read Morelive, or do his job as a supervisor and carry the will of the residents to influence sensible commercial decisions... Where is your understanding of how democracy and capitalism should work?
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