Have You Had Trouble Finding a Place to Get Your Car Inspected?

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1) One Patch user went to eight car inspection locations and found himself unable to renew his sticker? He asks if others have experienced this hassle and what he's supposed to do about it. "Have you tried to get your car inspected this year? There seems to be a problem since a new process and new equipment at inspection stations took effect January 2, 2014...So if we cannot get our cars inspected and there is no end in sight to fix the problem, who will be paying for the tickets to be issued when your inspection sticker expires?" 

2) Youth Poet Laureates and a Moot Youth Court in Greenburgh? With Supervisor Feiner's proposal to start a youth poet laureate program, local judge Delores Scott Brathwaite responded in kind with a related legal program already underway. She wrote: 

I read with interest your e-mail below about encouraging our young people to be involved in the spoken word.   In fact, I think we should have something in the Town that will showcase young people such as Sara Corp and the other young lady who spoke at a the 911 Memorial last year -- both of whom are outstanding and need to have our support.

In keeping with that vein, I could not agree more that we must to encourage our young people and energize them into becoming involved in competition and the spoken word.  In fact, to that end, the Greenburgh Town Court is way ahead of the game.  The GTC has already embarked on just such an outreach initiative.

Back in December the Judges began meeting with lawyers, educators and community leaders to join with us to begin the first GREENBURGH TOWN COURT MOOT COURT COMPETITION for our high school students. 

More her full letter on the program here.

One reader, however, to Feiner's poet proposal, strongly objected. Read their "Politicize Poetry, Of Course" post here. What do you think about this idea? Weigh in below.

3) What is the polar vortex anyway?

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5) The obituary for retired police officer Robert Kelly was the most-read post yesterday.


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