VIDEOS from the SH Dem Caucus

Karin Wompa
Karin Wompa

If you missed the Sleepy Hollow Democratic Caucus --  with such frigid temperatures there was a much smaller turnout than last year -- here are the nominees, and their nominators, as well as one backing out of the running.


Incumbent Karin Wompa who wins the first position, with no contest. (Video above).


Newcomer Dorothy Handelman, who beats out incumbent Jennifer Lobato-Church, in a vote of 25 to 16 in round two. Watch video here.


Jennifer Lobato-Church, who secures a nomination after all, though by default, when John Petry backs out saying she’s the one with the experience. 


Church isn’t allowed in the room, as a Republican, so trustee Glenn Rosenbloom asks permission to word her statement on her behalf, which is granted. Watch video here.


Mayor Ken Wray nominates Church nonetheless, saying he’s “proud” to do so, that she deserves the job for the work she’s done and will continue to do behalf of the village…adding that in the way of village-level politics, one’s party affiliation is irrelevant.


Finally, there’s footage of John Petry, taking himself out of the nomination process after introductory remarks from Trustee Wompa. Watch video here.

In Tarrytown, it was another year of easy and uneventful caucusing, with three incumbents securing the nomination without contest. Tom Basher, Robert Hoyt, and Mary McGee will be running again in March on Tarrytown United and Democratic tickets. Who might come forward to challenge them is up for grabs.


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