Donate Blood for Halloween

Want a different way to celebrate the holiday? Get dressed up and come to Lyndhurst to give blood on Tuesday, Oct. 30 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


No joke! Did you know that someone needs a blood transfusion every three seconds?

Did you know that Phelps Memorial Hospital doesn't charge for blood, but they do pay? When they don't have donated blood to give, which they often don't, they have to buy it from Hudson Valley Blood at a rate of $265 per unit. Hudson Valley Blood gathers, tests, ships and stores, so, says Marty Ketels, Phelps donor recruitor, "it's worth it" because they often have no choice.

That price adds up. Certainly it's better if the blood stays at the source. If you donate to Phelps, it stays at Phelps and helps your neighbors. Blood broken down into its components lasts a few months, plasma lasts even longer. 

One unit can save three lives.

That said,

A Phelps Memorial Hospital blood drive will take place in the Lyndhurst Chauffeur's Building on Tuesday, Oct. 30 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. They need 30 healthy human beings who weigh at least 110 pounds to sign on... Barnabas would if he could...

To be a Halloween donor (costumes optional, but welcome!) contact: Christine Plazas at 914-631-4481 ext 43226 or cplazas@savingplaces.org. Or contact me, your Patch Editor (since Patch is also a sponsor) at 914-236-0306 or krista.madsen@patch.com. 

Click here if you want more information about donating blood. 

Bring a buddy. Eat and drink before you come. Don't be scared when you see Dracula, that's just Ketels in costume. This goes faster (and easier) than you might think, and what a setting to do a good deed in. Wander the grounds and see the field of scarecrows. Tour the house on the second to last day of Tours with a Twist. 

Bonus: Lyndhurst is offering a raffle of two tickets to its holiday "A Christmas Carol" event with a Charles Dickens actor wandering the house (worth $40 each). Phelps offers donors a choice of discounts and specials given by 88 local businesses, many of them restaurants.

And for those who are coming in costume: how about entering Patch's costume contest... Info here.

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