One Century Ago: 'Village Shunned by People'

Headlines from Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, 100 years ago.

Welcome back to One Century Ago, a collaboration between Patch and the Historical Society serving Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown.

Each week we bring you the front page of a local newspaper that covered the news in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow (North Tarrytown) one hundred years ago. This front page comes from the Tarrytown Press-Record. The Press-Record was published as a weekly from 1893 to 1946 and has been preserved by the Historical Society on microfilm.

Friday, September 27, 1912:

Worthless Opinion

President Pierson received a derisive letter from “some lady”, which contained many scathing comments about the village of Tarrytown, and which provoked the Press-Record to publish a response.

In her letter, the lady mockingly referred to the village as “Peerlesstown”, and claimed that it was the worst town she ever had the misfortune to be in. “Dogs by the hundred, and not a decent hotel... No wonder the village is shunned by people. Dogs and Dagoes prevail. Never again.”

The Press-Record’s comeback to this unsolicited and harsh critique was to dismiss the opinions as worthless. “The lady who penned these remarks about Tarrytown evidently had some other place in her mind because her remarks do not apply to Tarrytown.” Not only were the stray dogs in Tarrytown “not such a great nuisance”, but “As far as her statements to the effect that the village is shunned by people, the idea is too preposterous to argue.”

New Y.M.C.A Building Opens Doors to Public

The dedication of the new Young Men’s Christian Association Building was to be held on Friday night, and was open to anyone interested in the work of the Association. Special attention was called to the fact that the dedication services and reception warmly welcomed ladies as well as men.

Rev. J. K. Allen was to give a service, after which the guests would be given a tour of the new building, including the gymnasium, swimming pool, bowling alley and library. Various departments, such as the Religious Work Committee, were due to give talks about the plans they had for the upcoming season. Overall it was a splendid opportunity for the entire public to see the new building, and learn about what was on offer there.  

Dropped Match Sends Yacht up in Flames

A pleasure yacht belonging to Mr. Paul Carrigan went up in flames as it passed near Tarrytown Lighthouse. The yacht was being taken from Albany to New York by “a colored employee” of Mr. Carrigan’s, after which it was to set off on an extensive trip through the south.

However, in a small moment of carelessness the boat was lost. The man on board was lighting a lamp, and threw the match aside afterwards. Unfortunately the match landed in some gasoline and a fire immediately sprung to life, and in spite of everything he could do the man was forced to abandon the boat. A number of small boats were sent out to offer assistance, but it was all to no avail.

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