'Sleepy Hollow Shorts' Film Festival Launched

Organizers of a new 30-second film festival are looking for submissions about Sleepy Hollow.

The following announcement is from Visit Sleepy Hollow; click here to visit the group's Facebook page:

Of course, Halloween in Sleepy Hollow is not to be missed, but this village is more than just the sum of its many autumn events and a headless horseman — as cool as having that guy around is. 

In the interest of sharing every angle of our scenic, historic, vibrant, diverse, unique — and yes, sometimes spooky — village on the banks of the Hudson River all year long, we’re inviting filmmakers from amateur smartphone users to rising stars, to come explore our fine stomping grounds, and while you’re at, amass some awesome footage.

The first ever SleepyHollowShorts film festival, sponsored and operated by the Village of Sleepy Hollow, will announce a grand prize winner and runners up in various categories (suggestions welcome) in October, 2014 for submissions gathered starting…NOW. 

First, the fine print, and there isn’t a lot:

_Videos must be 30 seconds or shorter. 

_You must shoot at least part of your film here the village of Sleepy Hollow, New York.

_Of course we expect everyone to respect local laws, private property, and personal privacy when you’re here and seek out permission when required for sites you plan to film at. At the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, for example, video is prohibited and photography requires advanced written permission of the cemetery.

_Upload your film to YouTube.com or Vimeo.com using hashtag #SleepyHollowShorts so we can find you! Please add tags for the locations where you filmed here while you’re at it. 

_Be aware that your submission may be Tweeted, Facebooked and generally shared all over the social media universe, as well as posted on www.VisitSleepyHollow.com. (Have you noticed how #SleepyHollow is trending lately? You’ll be a huge hit!).

_Submission deadline, Sept. 30, 2014.

_We plan on holding a screening/public voting event of the submissions sometime in October, so stay tuned. The grand prize winner will receive a pair of prized tickets to our own Sleepy Hollow Haunted Hayride, held here the weekend before Halloween.

That’s it! Wouldn’t want to stifle the creativity with much more than that. So, roll ‘em.

Questions? Please contact: krista@sleepyhollowink.com


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