Sore Spots: Where Are the Worst Potholes in Town?

Looks pretty, right? But this scenic stretch along the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery can be rough-going these days.

Of course this is prime time for pothole formation with this up and down (and down) and all around of temperatures lately.

Driving on Route 9 can be something of a slalom. One driver needed a tow recently after getting a flat alongside the Manors. The State DOT, according to Sleepy Hollow Police Chief Gregory Camp, came to fix a few spots but there's certainly plenty more.

While main routes like Route 9 are under the state's purview (and perhaps more prone to red tape), other local roads are maintained by our village road crews.

So, in the hopes that the powers that be will hear your plea -- and, importantly, to help your neighbors avoid them, where are the worst spots in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown?

Share here with coordinates, and better yet, post a photo on our community boards.


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