Tarrytown's 8-Year-old Lego Master

Meet Alex Louis, age 8, proud member of the Legoland Junior Construction Panel.

Among the dozen kids aged 6 to 12, Alex Louis was the only Tarrytown kid chosen for the honor of joining the Legoland Junior Construction Panel. And when you watch the YouTube video this beeming 8-year-old submitted (attached to this article) you can see why he was an obvious pick.

Proud mom Pamela Louis says her son has become something of a celebrity in his grade school, and dated his Lego-love back to diapers.

"Alex has been bonkers for Legos since he was a baby (when we were fearful he'd eat them, but no - utterly fascinated with sorting them by shape and color, etc)," Pamela said. "His preschool teacher from several years ago contacted us when she heard about this contest and entering it was a 'must do'; we're all very excited that he was chosen and he's quite the celebrity in his class at Morse (where all the 2nd graders in his class wanted his autograph after the teacher showed his video to them)."

Louis got to spend a vacation day Wednesday at the grand opening celebration in Yonkers of the Legoland Westchester Discovery Center, all three million bricks of it, including a Miniland area of replicas of major NYC and Westchester landmarks such as Tarrytown's Lyndhurst. The whole thing took 20 builders six months to construct.   

For more information on the show click here.

But let’s hear from Alex...

On why he loves Legos and entered the contest: 

“Legos are fun to play with because you can use your imagination and create whatever you want with them. I wanted to be chosen for the Junior Construction Panel at Legoland because I’ve loved Legos since I was born and I love them more than anything. At Legoland I will work with a Master Builder and we can give him ideas to make changes at Legoland, which I doubt we will need to do. Because Legoland is awesome already.” 

His favorite Legos: 

“I love building with Legos but I especially love Lego Minifigures and I’m an expert at them. I really like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Ninjago Legos and I play with the minifigures all the time. I have about 280 minifigs and I save all my allowance for them, and they’re always on my Christmas and birthday wish lists.  I saved my allowance for over a year to buy the Lego Star Wars Death Star where Darth Vader lives.  Legos are the best toy in the whole world.” 

On Legoland

“Legoland is the perfect place for kids. I wish it was a little bit bigger. My favorite things were the ride where you shoot lasers (Kingdom Quest) and the climbing gym. They also have a 4D movie theater where we got sprayed with water and wind and splattered with foam. The Miniland section has the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yankee Stadium (which is a pinball machine too), Central Park, the Empire State building, Lyndhurst Castle, Grand Central Station and a big bridge (George Washington) all made out of bricks.” 

How often he wants to go there: 

“I want to go there every day.  It’s way better than going to school.” 

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