Sleepy Hollow, The Road You Better Not Follow

Donna Davies, Halloween Queen, releases her second scary book for the season and kids of all ages.

In the eerie village of Sleepy Hollow,

 Hides a harrowing road you better not follow.

If that’s not an invitation to come to Sleepy Hollow this October, I don’t know what is. It’s also a tempting lead into a new must-have (and must-give) book.

Donna Davies, self-described “Halloween Queen,” has come out with a “children’s” book, though it’s probably for all ages and certainly not for the smallest of children. (Although if your children happen to be growing up in Sleepy Hollow like mine, than the Headless Horseman is just a part of their everyday vocabulary – the guy even shows up in the St. Patrick’s Day parade – so probably not soo…scary.)

Scratch that, the book is scary, as it should be! This is Halloween Country! We have a reputation to live up to!

We also have the Old Dutch Church, the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and that Washington Irving fellow ("But isn’t he old, supposed to be…dead?”), all which make an appearance in Davies’ updated version of the timeless Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Even Jim Logan, of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, is here, said Davis, refashioned as Ned, the young friend of our blond pony-tailed heroine poking around the cemetery in the night. (Why do characters always do things like this?)

The story is inspired by life. Davies recounted, “Jim called and said the Headless Horseman will here, why don’t you come down? It was getting really dark and I heard the clip clop of the horse coming across the bridge… And I thought, how cool would it be if you were a kid walking and the headless horseman is behind you…”

How cool? No, try scary!

Davies is torn. “Well maybe it’s a little too scary,” she said. Later she said, “I really don’t think it’s too scary. You tell me.” (Mind you, this is coming from a woman whose phone-email signature is “Sent from my broom.”)

The book is available on her website All Hallow’s Eve Press, and, best yet, in person, where Davies will be selling it at the main entrance of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery the weekend before Halloween.

Davies is also the author of The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream, which came out last year only moments before Halloween. Halloween itself, of course, was a bust with that wierdo snowstorm. Davies had booked a room at the Castle, as you do, where she stayed only one night before driving home through our town, “a ghost town,” to her Hyde Park home. (“I do have Sleepy Hollow envy,” she said. “If I were single, I’d move there in a heartbeat.”)

This year she's gotten a headstart on her book promotion, since truly all of October is Halloween in these parts. These eerie, harrowing parts.

Watch the trailer here. Davies will be signing copies of Sleepy Hollow and the Road You'd Better Not Follow at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery on North Broadway on Oct. 27 and 28 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. and 6 to 7 p.m. 

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