World Books, And the Books From Right Here

As World Book Night nears and two bookstores are slated to open soon, we thought we'd showcase some of our own local lit stars.


Literary love is in the air.

World Book Night is coming on April 23, when readers, like our own Greg Galloway, for one, will be handing out (and talking about) books they love to strangers. Look for him at giving out copies of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Tarrytown has not one but two bookstores on the way:  on April 30; in Mayish.

Meanwhile, we thought it was high time to round up just some of the many authors we seem to grow here, or at least attract.

Here's a few authors who've caught our attention lately. If you see a stranger on the street who wants to share a book with you it just might be:


Margo Taft Stever, author of The Hudson Line: Poems

Stever is a Sleepy Hollow resident, the founder of , the founding editor of HVWC's Slapering Hol Press, who also happens to be a well-respected author and award-winning poet. Read more about her new chapbook released this year here.


Laura Nadler Scott, Achoo! children's author

In addition to her first two fun books for kids, Scott has a new paperback book with beautiful art and great title, PugBug and Ticklish Garden, coming out any minute now. Both she and the artist are single moms.

Scott lives in Briarcliff Manor with two young children; she grew up in Tarrytown. She is always busy giving readings, working with charities, and being a mom of course. You can keep up with all activities and her books here


Kim Purcell, author of well-reviewed YA book, Trafficked

Purcell, of Irvington, also the mother of two young children, both girls, applies her motherly instincts to her debut novel, published last month.

Trafficked, she said, “is about a 17-year-old Moldovan girl who’s forced to be a slave for a family in Los Angeles. I’m donating 20 percent of my proceeds from this novel to anti-trafficking organizations.”

To find more about her, her book, and this tough subject, click her website here. We talked with Purcell at length recently and will be doing a more involved story about her story in the coming days. She is also doing her first Westchester event surrounding her book this Friday, April 20, 6:30 p.m. at bookstore in Larchmont...with three other area YA author women!


Kris D'Agostino's Sleepy Hollow Family Almanac

Finally, honorable mention goes to an author who is not from here, but reportedly wanted to be from here so badly when he was growing up (a little more upstate) that he had to write a book set here. D'Agostino now lives in Brooklyn, that other huge artist enclave.

Read more about Sleepy Hollow from its publisher's blog here, and a quick search will show you how many great reviews he's gotten already, most of them using words like "wickedly funny" and "hilarious." 

We have friended D'Agostino on Facebook and are tracking him down for an interview since we are Sleepy-Hollow-obsessed as well. Stay tuned! 


For more information about World Book Night, visit worldbooknight.org

Know more authors from here, or who write about here, that we missed? Tell us in the comments. Maybe we'll make an ongoing feature of this...

Kim Purcell April 26, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Thanks Krista!


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