Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Martial Arts School?

Tai Kwon do, karate and tai chi offer more than just physical conditioning. Which school is your or your kid’s favorite?


“The primary purpose and philosophy of Soo Bahk Do is the rejuvenation and the prolonging of life beyond the normal span.”

Patch blogger and owner of  Peter Murray wrote the above quote in The quote shows that martial arts like Soo Bahk Do are about more than just physical conditioning. Martial arts training offers great benefits for students’ physical health, but also helps with mental and spiritual development.

The term, martial arts, is derived from Latin, meaning “Arts of Mars,” the Roman god of war. With roots in ancient combat, martial arts requires students to sharpen their minds. A lot of the training is about how to predict or react to an opponent’s move and assess his or her weaknesses to use them to one’s own advantage.

Anyone who has tried a good martial arts class would have learned this from the start. So, have you or your child tried out a local school or class you like?

We are lucky to have five nearby. So we'll face them all off for a Rivertown Maritial Arts showdown. Who's your favorite? Then tell us why in the comments.

  • Shin Ri Tan Kyu Martial Arts Academy (operating out of the ), Sleepy Hollow
  • , Tarrytown
  • , Dobbs
  • , Hastings
  • , Hastings

Patch polls are unscientific, please vote once—more importantly, show support for your favorite with a Patch listing review (just click on the hyperlink of your favorite above) because that carries weight when the winners are determined. Read the rules in the attached pdf.


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