Restaurant Review - Tyrynda Thai

Getting all Thai'd up.

Just a short walk away from the Tarrytown train station, the Tyrynda Thai restaurant of Sleepy Hollow is sure to spice up your trusted options for local restaurants.

With soft, glowing windows, the simple and quiet exterior exudes a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. Upon entering Tyrynda, I was greeted by a friendly staff and promptly seated down at a table that gave me view of the four other parties that were dining on a Friday night. It didn't take long for the owner to introduce himself, and he checked in regularly with both myself and other guests in the restaurant throughout our meal. 

The accommodating attitudes of the staff are expressed directly on the menu. Dishes can easily be customized to suit one's preference for spice and any potential allergies that can arise from the complex and diverse ingredients present.

The range of flavors and choices on the menu are pretty much what one expects of a Thai restaurant; they consist of vegetarian or meat-heavy entrées, soups laden with flavors like sweet cream of coconut and curry, and a whole gamut of spiciness to be had. You will be hard pressed to find something that does not perk your interest!

I regret that I passed up such delectable dishes as their Thai crepe or Massaman curries, but I was lucky enough to be treated to their dish known as "Tiger Cries" – a spicy, grilled beef and garlic-seasoned vegetable dish.

The traditional Thai beef was absorbing and tender. While the carnivorous side of the plate would not have sated my appetite alone, because it was in tandem with a delectable assortment of mixed vegetables, I could not deny the fact that this tasty, well-sized portion left me more than satisfied.

The good news is that Tyrynda is also easy on the pocket book, with meals that come in right around the $13 dollar mark (their highest priced items top out at about $20). They also offer delivery to Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown residents if you want to savor some of their fine cuisine at home.

Of course visiting Tyrynda is also a treat. Without a doubt, it has some of the most ornate, engaging decor in town. You might have trouble discovering another Thai restaurant in the area that can provide such a calming and gentle atmosphere.

The courteous employees only enhance the dining experience, and if you seek an intimate, quiet and calm meal, Tyrynda restaurant is a sure bet that keeps its customers coming back for more of its finely crafted cuisine.

Teresa Vassallo January 06, 2010 at 02:34 AM
I am so craving this right now. I can't believe that I haven't tried this place yet! See you @ Tyrynda this week!!!
joy January 07, 2010 at 02:06 PM
One of the best restaurants in the rivertowns, with amazing food, wonderful service and great value. Author - next time don't miss the Thai crepes!


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