Shop Talk: The Mighty Horseman’s Chuk Högnell

We pose five questions to one local shopkeeper in this biweekly series.

This week’s edition of our ongoing Shop Talk series features a shop that actually isn’t in business yet – but sure would like to be. have been long and arduous, but he’s getting warmer. On this rainy day he talks to us from the digs he rents at 13-15 Neperan, where, once he gets the final go-ahead, he’s ready to start inking.

1. Is this part of the offensive signage you had to remove? [There’s a round logo on the wall of a man on a horse, with a head.]

CH: Yes, this was part of the ‘Coming Soon’ display, but you can’t have that. I had other photos up for just an afternoon over a month ago and my neighbor said her customer complained so I took it down the same day on my own. I wasn’t thinking that they would offend, I’m so used to these images. This design of the horseman has now been approved by the ARB so it can go up now. It was just too big before; it can only be 25% of one window.

2. Is this the space you wanted or did you have to go elsewhere due to the regulations?

CH: I was looking at this space originally, then I lost it for a while, and got it back. It was previously a dental office so it’s already set up as a medical office with all the necessary stuff in place. It made it easier. The owner of owns this and he’s always been fine with this.

3. So you’re ready and waiting to open?

CH: All is pretty much ready to go. I spent November renovating. I’m still trying to work [in Mahopac] as much as I can. But scheduling’s been really funky. I usually plan ahead and it’s been week by week. I’m losing money. Rent’s reasonable but if you’re not generating any money…

4. Have the voices of dissent disheartened you about opening a business in Tarrytown?

CH: I’ve been happy to come here. There’s more going on, you can walk around, get a coffee. It’s really the same handful of people with the biggest mouths who just want me not to be here, period. The officials have been pretty open-minded about it and even if they objected they still at least gave it rational thought. I’m too far into it to back out now. But it’s been very stressful. I lose sleep over it.

5. Now what?

CH: They’ve changed the policy, now they are [like the proximity to , which one citizen mentioned]. By New York State law I cannot tattoo anyone under the age of 18 and I really wouldn’t want to. They aren’t old enough to make a proper decision about something permanent. I grew up in the area, and it’s really a better place now. At one point, my main option was to grow roots here or move to Europe and be gone. I want to build something worthwhile. 

You can follow the status of The Mighty Horseman Tattoo Company on Facebook. 

michael December 08, 2011 at 02:50 PM
Congrads Chuk, Tarrytown is very lucky you have a great artist and person to the community. I hope in the future it will not be hard for small buisness owners to open unique and interesting buisnesses. You have helped to path the way.
Karen Kuhn December 08, 2011 at 03:22 PM
I second what Scott says! It's nice to see some tattoo culture in town and it's not going to affect kids going to Yoo's. That's ridiculous. Best of luck to you Chuk and maybe I'll come check out your work sometime since the temptation to do more work is too great. Hey Scott maybe we'll get you over there for a boat tattoo or something. Dad's night out! - tattoo wearing mom neighbor of non-tattoo wearing, dockers and buttondown shirt dad with a kid at Yoos who thinks we have way too many nail salons
C O Högnell December 08, 2011 at 10:47 PM
Thanks Krista, for an opportunity to talk with you about whats going on and thanks to the rest of you for your support.
Captain's Wife December 09, 2011 at 02:48 AM
I cannot wait for you to open up. I have 2 tats that I need done. You will have to help me draw them up though.
C O Högnell December 09, 2011 at 06:13 PM
not a problem


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