Calling all Sleepy Hollow Registered Democrats: Candidate Caucus This Morning

From Trustee Bruce Campbell:

Dear friends, neighbors and fellow Democrats:

The Democratic party caucus to select candidates for the Village Board of Trustees is THIS SATURDAY, JANUARY 25TH AT 9:30 AM IN THE GALGANO SENIOR CENTER ON ELM STREET. (If all goes well it should last about an hour)

There are three good reasons why you should be there and participate:

1. It may be the only chance for new candidates to be heard. So far, there will not be a contested election in March. The party caucus is the only chance for the public - you - to have a say on who the Village Trustees will be.

2. You can insure that the Board is open and independent. Trustee candidates should be selected by all members of the party, not by one person or a small group to whom they are indebted.

3. This is an especially important time. Over the next few years, the General Motors development will the top order of business and weneed Trustees who are thoughtful and fair.

Last year the caucus was a huge success, a snapshot of Democracy in action, as more than 100 people turned out. I urge you to repeat that this year. Please attend the SLEEPY HOLLOW DEMOCRATIC PARTY CAUCUS THIS SATURDAY JANUARY 25TH AT 9:30 AM IN THE GALGANO SENIOR CENTER ON ELM STREET.

Let's make Sleepy Hollow a better village in 2014.

Bruce Campbell


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