Calling All Owners of New and Vintage VW Bugs

Tarrytown is looking to gather a small fleet of VW Bugs for the annual Halloween Parade.

First off: don't worry. 

Your beloved Bug will be in good hands. No harm will come to your cute little VW if you "donate" it to the cause of Halloween. (A very good cause indeed.) 

In the interest of Making This The Best Halloween Ever, and keeping some of the suspense intact, I won't disclose what the Tarrytown Parade planners have in store for your Bug. 

Let's just say they need about eight cars for some sort of float. You will be able to drive your own car down the route, which is a very fun view to have of this parade, especially when everyone is pointing at you, applauding, taking pictures, squealing/screaming with delight or fright. 

The cars needn't be convertibles, in fact, it might be better not to have them be convertibles, says one member of the Halloween committee, Chris Brazil. They are looking for mostly new models and maybe a few vintage.

Those interested can contact Brazil at 914-424-3973.

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