Local GoFundMe Campaign: Seeking to Help 'Restavek' Children in Haiti

Credit: GoFundMe.com
Credit: GoFundMe.com
According to one advocacy group, one in 15 children in Haiti will end up what's known as a "restavek" child. The Creole word meaning "to stay with," restavek children in Haiti are essentially slaves who perform menial, often humiliating tasks for their "host" families and no future, according to Restavek Freedom.

In November, Christina Camacho posted on fundraising site GoFundMe with a Rye NY tag, saying she needs $1,000 to attend a special spring break program next year that would see her work with restavek children in Haiti. Here's part of her post: 

"Hi everyone, I'm making this fund raiser page because I have been chosen to attend an alternative spring break program in Haiti. I will be volunteering with restavec children. A restavec child is one who is sent to live with another family in hope of having a better life. The reality is that many of these children become slaves to their new host family, are deprived of their most basic rights and do not have access to health care or education. In essence, they are trapped."

In one month, Camacho has raised $135 toward her $1,000 goal to go on the trip. To support her cause, click through in the window above. A total of eight people have donated so far, according to Camacho's GoFundMe page.


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