Chew your food

I am an LPN who ate my way back to health. Read my continuing story about researching a different kind of nutrition.

By Joan McDaniel                  

I know things have gotten a little out of hand with the weather, no power, cold, darkness and lines for gasoline, the election and last year storms and now the New Year. WOW I have had enough.  But I thought I would continue showing my research findings I discovered while slowly regaining my health and what food caused the illness.  I found The Standard American Diet has some major flaws.  But one thing I had bothering me during my illness was constant belching guess what helped?

During my research I ran across an article which brought back childhood memories. The article simply said, “CHEW YOUR FOOD”.  Now my childhood was a while ago, and it has been some time since I have been under my parents watchful eyes, but that slogan reminded me of when I had a plate of Liver and Onion’s in front of me and I was wondering how I would even get it into my mouth and down let alone having it linger in my mouth for any time what so ever, especially to taste it. -------- UGH!!!!!!!

It seems a traditional thing, my parent’s age group still loves Liver and Onions , and I still hate it. It was a healthy inexpensive way to feed the family but I  still hate it. I assume the rest of my age group doesn’t like it either. We don’t seem to eat much real anything anymore let alone organ meat.

Be that as it may, there is something into this chewing your food recommendation.

I guess we all seem to think that once past the mouth the food just gets converted to energy and that is that.


Chewing uses the enzymes in saliva to start digestion. Chewing is extremely important, yet oftentimes overlooked. For healthy digestion food must be chewed thoroughly. Incomplete chewing leaves large food fragments too big to be digested, on which bacteria can grow, leaving undigested food in the colon causing flatulence, and other symptoms of indigestion or much worse medical conditions. Some of these conditions can get very serious and call for all those MRI’s and CAT scan, highly profitable antacid meds, and other very expensive stuff that the AMA, the Pharmaceutical companies and the rest of the medical profession love.

But I digress, on with digestion.

Click link for further research information


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