Coworker: Killed Cyclist Was 'Really Good Person' Who 'Liked to Bike'

Sleepy Hollow resident Luis Zhizhpon was riding home from the Mexican restaurant where he cooks when he was fatally struck last night; coworker said fellow employees often urged him not to ride Route 9.

The on Route 9 was cycling home from his shift at Guadalajara Restaurant in Briarcliff Manor, reported LoHud this afternoon.

Hector, a fellow worker at the Mexican restaurant along Route 9 who didn't want to disclose his full name or much more in order to be sensitive to the situation and Luis Zhizhpon's family, said “we all feel bad. He was a really good person, a really good cook.”

Zhizhpon, said Hector, had been with the restaurant about two years, and “sometimes, not all the time” rode his bike home down Route 9 to Sleepy Hollow. "He liked to bike," he said. Zhizhpon was only 28 years old.

Try to walk, or ride by the cemetery at night – or even by day, for that matter – and it really seems you are taking your life in your own hands.

Local avid cyclist, Steve Moon, agreed. “I wouldn't ride at night, not where there's cars,” said the owner of  on Main. “There are trails for that. If I do ride at night, it's a designated ride where everyone's fitted out with lights and everything and certainly not where there's traffic.”

Moon even detours Route 9 by day, he said. “I try to avoid those roads because they are so congested.” He advised taking the back roads that run parallel, cutting off Route 9 and riding through the Manor, for instance.  

As in a similar fatal bike incident that took place recently in Rockland County, wearing a helmet was not enough. Hector said Zhizhpon's coworkers often urged him not to ride home after dark. “We tried to tell him not to do that...it's very dangerous. He covers his head but you always think something is not going to happen to you.”

Hector added that the restaurant workers are busy just trying to support Zhizhpon's family. The restaurant manager was out at the moment buying flowers for a funeral still being planned for either Wednesday or the weekend.

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Sean Henry Roach June 27, 2012 at 12:10 AM
What a terrible thing to happen. Any more information on the circumstances? The car involved? The timing? Hopefully when the State looks at this stretch of road, like it said it would do, it comes up with a solution that can make it safe for everyone including cyclists and pedestrians. Route 9 is very bikeable in a lot of places, but that section is suicidal and poorly planned out. My thoughts go out to his family.
Krista Madsen June 27, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Yes, all those details here in an earlier article: http://patch.com/A-v6n5, 11 p.m., SUV. He didn't come far from the restaurant and he didn't have far more to go. SO sad.
NAO June 27, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Sean, I worked over there for over 7 years and it is very dangerous over there. Not even just for cyclists. People do not obey the speed limit (even though the police are always out patroing) and there are parts of the road that are not very well paved or have problematic storm drains so the cyclist needs to move over so they don't fly over the handle bars. Also when riding at night it is very important to have multiple lights and reflective materials on and to never wear black or extremely dark colors. When people are going 50 plus mph (which they do going down from Guadalajara past NYL and Phelps into Tarrytown) in the dark it is hard to see a cyclist, even with lights. I am sorry that someone had to lose their life in this manner-may he rest in peace.


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