Four More Ambulance Corps Members Tender Resignation, Leaves of Absences

In the wake of Alaric Young's reinstatement to the Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and other resignations, some members, including Board members, resign or take leave.

Longstanding members of the Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps sent out a series of resignation and leave-taking emails late Thursday night to the corps' board, its officers, and its members.

Four members of TVAC – including Shelley Robinson, a 38-year veteran of the corps, six-time captain, and director; and another member wearning many hats in the corps for the last two decades – announced they would leave the corps either permanently or indefinitely in the wake of the controversial reinstatement of Alaric Young.

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Young, who was  after allegations of sexual harassment from multiple women, was recently  by the board after a committee reviewed the issue.

It's a story that some were eager to put behind them. Young himself, following the announcement of his reinstatement at the end of May, expressed that he was eager to get back to work and “put this to bed.”

But others, including these four, can't get past it. The resignation or leave-taking of Robinson, former officer Murat Turk, and two women who wished to remain unnamed, follows shortly after the resignation of Board member and attorney Fred Mauhs last week, and attorney Jonathan Gliet prior to that.

By Turk's estimate, TVAC has lost 14 volunteer members because of the Young controversy that has the corps divided; most of them, said Turk, fall on the side of objection to Young's fully reinstated status and the process behind it.

Here are key excerpts from some of the letters:

Robinson (resignation): “I cannot continue to serve on a Board [that] has led our Corps to the brink of dissolution because of its indecision and divisiveness. The Board has allowed itself to be ruled by bitterness and anger... If the Corps returns to the standards in place when I joined the Corps, then I would consider reapplying in the future.”

Unnamed Woman (resignation): “I no longer feel physically, emotionally or socially safe as part of the TVAC community. I feel strongly that the Board has failed us all...

I spoke to the Corps' own lawyer just shy of a year ago. It was then conveyed to me two months later that the Board doubted the veracity of my statement. I followed up by speaking to a therapist of the Board's choosing who verified my integrity. When that was dismissed, I spoke to a mediator chosen by the Board. That went nowhere. In January, 8 months after the initial complaint, the Board finally heard my story and the story of the other women. It was terrifying for me to sit there because from my own social involvement with the Corps, I knew that sitting in front of me were some of the closest friends of the person who had harassed me. The evening grew scarier as it wore on. The statements of the other women, some of whom I had never even met nor heard of before were horrifyingly similar to my own. The pattern of harassing behavior came out clearly a pattern that has played out in the same manner over and over and over. I was that 'next girl' who the others hoped to protect. It happened AGAIN. I felt the Board meeting even more concerned for the safety of the Corps and community members than I had previously....

The Board has failed all of us, complainants, Alaric, and general Board members by taking an egregiously long time to address this issue...they still HAVE NOT sufficiently addressed the original harassment concerns...

I hope my resignation will help the community by alerting the membership to the mishandling of the issue and hopefully spurring those with integrity to action in appropriately addressing the issue.”

Unnamed Woman (leave of absence): “My decision to switch to inactive status has been very difficult for me. I feel strongly, however, that the priorities, professionalism, and ethical standards of the organization are no longer well-aligned with my own professional and ethical standards. Please understand that I am not taking the leave of absence out of anger, and that I bear no ill-will toward either the organization or its individual members, many of whom I hold in high regard and feel great affection for. I sincerely hope that both the corps and its members flourish, and will be able to provide high-quality medical care for for the citizens of Tarrytown.

Rather, I am taking this leave because I feel that recent decisions made by the leadership of the corps have not adequately protected the basic rights of our members and patients to enjoy a safe, comfortable and professional environment... I further state, for the record, that I was not in favor of the continued membership of Alaric Young, whose standards of professional behavior have been, in my assessment, below the level of integrity I expect from myself and from my colleagues. I am therefore publicly stating that I hold myself harmless from any consequences of his past and future actions.”

Everyone took leave or resigned effective in two weeks. This included the two senior lawyers, Mauhs and Gliet, who wouldn't specify why they were leaving the corps but did confirm their resignations.

Mauhs said, "I'm leaving the Board in order to spend more time with my family," adding his fondness for the time spent volunteering there and his utmost respect for Board Chair Joan C. Dobson.

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True Believer June 01, 2012 at 11:30 PM
TreeWarden June 02, 2012 at 11:12 AM
What good is holding back your donation going to do? When did everyone lose focus on what the Corps is all about? I'm thankful the Village has taken over the Sexual Harassment Policy for the future...because a small volunteer run Ambulance Corps should never have to deal with what they did...I applaud all our TVAC members for the life saving work they do. Please stop attacking eachother and focus on the reason you do this in the first place...the patient!
Isabel June 02, 2012 at 12:43 PM
This article is not about "TVAC members life saving work". It is about very disturbing way they handled this case. Perhaps he was protected by some people in the organization, or his behavior somehow became acceptable. In my opinion, the people enabled him and let him back in to TVAC just as guilty as this person. For someone to resign TVAC, after 38 years of service because of this case makes a powerful statement. My prayers goes out to these ladies. Mrs. Robinson; I know you from town over 20+ years, and I am here to tell everyone you are one classy lady. I am very sorry this community lost you as an emergency responder. God knows what must have happened that pushed you to resignation after 38 years. Thank you for your service. Shame on these people that pushed you out. Mr Young, you've done enough damage. TVAC lost over dozen of members because of you. I think you should do the right thing and resign. How could you defend allegations coming from nine women, most who are professional well educated people? My advice is doing the right thing here- STOP the denial, apologize for the damage and resign. My prayers also goes out to you. I hope you get some help.
DeeplyConcernedabout T-town June 02, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Either you can donate, or pay higher taxes. The choice is yours. If enough TVAC members resign, the only option left would to hire paid crews. That means salaries & benefits. At this point in time I personally do not see the need for paid crews, but more volunteers. However, with the current problems, who really wants to volunteer? The time & effort put into training is self- rewarding. Satisfaction of being part of the community & helping your neighbors. The current leadership has done nothing to improve the moral, & the lack of timely, proper action has turned many residents and members off. Time to start anew & begin the healing.
TreeWarden June 02, 2012 at 01:45 PM
@Isabel...my focus was at someone holding back their donation for one bad apple. I also hope for the outcome you've outlined. Its the right thing to do for the Corps and the Village. And hopefully these wonderful, long standing members will be back where they belong...doing what they do best...saving lives.
Patricia June 02, 2012 at 11:42 PM
Aleric is and was a good member of the Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps. As for a 38 year veteran retiring...thanks for your service but it is probably time you retire anyway. The corps need people who can physically handle the job which does include picking up bodies and carrying them down and up steps. As for those who want to stop donating for this, I hope you don't need an ambulance to come to your house.
Truthhurts June 04, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Go to full paid both Ambulance and Fire I asure its more protection and atleast with the fire more professional and trained
DeeplyConcernedabout T-town June 04, 2012 at 02:48 PM
@truthurts, To go fully paid in both isn't an option.You will now be fored to pay salaries, benefits & retirement. Just look at where many cities & towns are struggling to provide either the same level of protection w/o raising t`axes, or being forced to make cut backs, esentially trying to do more withless. We have a fire department & ambulance corps that have served both villages extremely well over a long period of time. You might think that the current budget/funds allotted to both might seem high, but you will get 'sticker shock' if you go paid. I am not against paid, have been, but there is no rational need to do so yet. As said before, get active in the community. It is part of being a good neighbor and a right that we can enjoy. Yes, the ambulance corps has a serious problem, but let's pray that the individual who was found 'innocent' realizes all the hurt & shame he has caused to numerous victim's, and resigns for the good of the squad. Too much has been written as to the allegations, but not enough done. Typical T-town.
Isabel June 04, 2012 at 04:15 PM
His EMT skills does not justify his behaviour. He could be the best EMT in the country, but with HIPPA violation and his alleged behaviour towards the female members -he should NOT be allowed in TVAC or any EMS agency. Re: "As for a 38 year veteran retiring...thanks for your service but it is probably time you retire anyway. The corps need people who can physically handle the job which does include picking up bodies and carrying them down and up steps." Do you know Mrs Robinson also at the same age as this worker? BTW, Mrs. Robinson did many wonderful things for TVAC, including teaching CPR classes. She was very well capable performing the required skills. She did not "retire", she "resigned".
wanda June 04, 2012 at 05:28 PM
At least you will be in "GOOD HANDS" with Mr.Young.
Michael June 05, 2012 at 04:09 AM


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