Leaky Villages: Citizens Report Burst Pipe, Gas Odor

Avoid burst pipes in your home this season with these tips.

With the series of below-freezing temps we've had, comes the risk of water pipes bursting. This doesn't only happen to unoccupied homes without heat, but can affect pipes running along the less insulated walls of older homes in particular. 

On Dec. 27 at 1 p.m., after responding to a call from a neighbor reporting a water issue in their neighbor's home, police found a water pipe had broken and water was leaking into the home. They requested the fire department. 

The FD shut down the main water valve and cut off the power to the house. The leak was found to be coming from a burst pipe on the second floor. 

A few frigid weather tips: keep water running at a trickle to keep the pipes flowing and allow cabinets doors where pipes may be to stay open and get heat from the room. 

Check out more tips from Weather.com in the above video.


Then there's gas leaks in any season. A 911 caller reported to Sleepy Hollow police that there was a gas leak in their Beekman Avenue apartment. Police advised them on Dec. 28 at 2:53 p.m. to get out of the apartment. 

The fire department came but reported there did not seem to a be gas leak. They shut the gas off and maintenance would address the issue on Monday. 


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