Med. Examiner: Man Dies of Apparent Overdose

Tarrytown man taken by ambulance to Phelps on July 23 was later declared dead by the county medical examiner's office; autopsy results still pending.

A 47-year-old Tarrytown man taken unconscious by ambulance to Phelps Memorial Hospital, was later reported dead from an "apparent overdose," according to the County Medical Examiner's Office.

As the case was listed in the police blotters: On July 23, at 7:29 a.m., County Fire Control received an emergency call about an unresponsive male at Croton Avenue in Tarrytown, the street behind Chase Bank on Broadway. Tarrytown Police, Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and Greenburgh paramedics were notified and responded to the scene. 

Upon their arrival, officers reported the man was unconscious but breathing. TVAC transported him to Phelps.

Later that day at 6:56 p.m., the medical examiner's office reported to police that the man had died of an apparent overdose. The medical examiner did not ask to speak to the detective division at the time and said the autopsy would be performed the next morning.

According to Police Detective William Herguth, the cause of death still remains unknown and he stressed caution when assuming overdose before toxicology results came in. "When you're talking toxicology," he said, expect "six to 10 weeks down the road." 

As of now, Herguth he said the case was "pending further study, and there was no definitive cause of death."

Herguth could not pinpoint the last time the police had seen a death from overdose in the village, beyond "it's been some time." 

Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, police would not release the man's name.



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