Sleepy Hollow PD: Back-to-Back Hit and Runs

Two hit and runs in a row happened near each other in Sleepy Hollow last week, report Police.

Police reported two hit and run accidents last week, in short succession and not far from each other.

Just next door to police headquarters in front of Beekman's Village Hall, two women reported witnessing a hit and run on October 4 at 8:12 p.m.

The women told police that a car parked in front of Village Hall in the handicapped space was struck and damaged by a car that kept going. The parked car had NY plates and the car that drove away was a red Subaru. The car was apparently, according to the two witnesses, driving on Lawrence Avenue and turned east onto Beekman when it hit the parked car.

The driver then proceeded east on Beekman and south on North Broadway. Police notified Tarrytown police but neither force located the car, said Lieutenant Anthony Bueti.

Then shortly after at 8:23 p.m. on the same night, a caller reported a hit and run accident involving an 18-wheeler on North Broadway, reportedly a silver tanker with blue and white plates. Tarrytown was notified and stopped the truck on the NYS thruway entrance on North Broadway.

Bueti said the incident occurred at the part of Route 9 southbound at the head of Beekman where two lanes suddenly merge into one. A car was merging alongside the trucker whose tail-end struck the vehicle without the driver even apparently realizing it, said Bueti.

Of that five-point intersection and its quick switch from two lanes to one, Bueti said, “more than half our traffic accidents happen there.”

More on this dangerous intersection and Police Chief Gregory Camp's comments on the treacherous crosswalk just up Bedford tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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