In Photos: Constructing a New Fire Truck

The Fire Department eagerly anticipates the Friday delivery of their shiny new pumper truck made in Appleton, WI in only 26 days.

The Sleepy Hollow Fire Department will be getting their new pumper truck this Friday. And what a piece of machinery it is.

Though the design and bidding process took just under two years, the building itself took only 26 work days.

It comes to us by way of Pierce Manufacturing Inc. of Appleton, WI.

Fire Captain Chris Scelza just visited for the final inspection before the truck is delivered and found himself in awe.

“It looks amazing to say the least,” said Scelza. “The branding of Sleepy Hollow is out of this world. Everyone in WI at the factory absolutely love the artwork and truck.”

Here are construction photos from the very beginning supplied by the fabrication company with notes from their progress on Sept. 7 of Job # 25937: 

This week the cab finished fabrication and began the paint process while the pump was installed in the pump house structure. The body began fabrication with side panel weld-up. Next week the cab should be nearing completion in paint. The pump house may be released to paint while the body panels should be joined in fabrication...

The final design will be a complete surprise. Stay tuned for photos/video from its arrival Friday morning.

The total cost is $618,172, which Schelza, who works in the village's finance deparatment, said comes in under budget.

A pumper truck carries water and hose lines for fire suppression as well as heavy duty rescue tools for vehicle extrication from car accidents. The existing truck, said Scelza, “is due for replacement.”

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