Tarrytown Ambulance Volunteers Free Man's Finger from Drain

A summary of recent police activity and arrests in the village of Tarrytown.

Two Seniors Fall

With a recent series of ice-related incidents, there were two falls police said were not weather-related. 

An elderly man who fell on Main Street was lying on the ground and bleeding from the head, a caller reported to police on the afternoon of Jan. 10. 

Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps transported the patient to Phelps Memorial Hospital, an 89-year-old Tarrytown man. 

A woman reported she fell and hurt her head on Martling Avenue. TVAC took her Phelps. Police said she was an 86-year-old Tarrytown resident.


A resident came into headquarters to report that three fraudulent accounts had been opened in her name. 

The accounts were for J-Jill Company, Fingerhut Company, and Pay Day Loan America. 

The complainant would be contacting the credit companies to get information and police issued her an identify theft packet. She said she did owe money at this time and incident was noted for the record.
Obstructed Pipe?

A building owner on Linden Place reported to police that a tenant who had been evicted possibly caused intentional damage when she moved out. 

He said she had blocked the sewer discharge line. Police observed that there was unknown material in the sewer line in the basement causing it to clog. There was water on the floor but no other damage. Police took a photo of the pipe and told the owner to follow up with police after consulting with a plumber and assessing any further damages. 

Lt. William Herguth had not heard back about the extent of damages but said the items looked like food.

Head Pain

Police came across a car accident on Jan. 13 at 8:04 a.m. at South Broadway, requesting an ambulance for a woman complaining of head pain. 

The woman refused medical attention at the scene. 

Police said a car was turning into the parking lot at 360 South Broadway when it was hit in the rear by another car. Damages weren't extensive enough for either car to be towed, Lt. Herguth said.


An odor of natural gas was reported on Carrollwood Drive, for which the Tarrytown Fire Department responded on Jan. 14 at 7:04 a.m. No gas leak was confirmed, Herguth said.

At 8 a.m., the fire department was dispatched to the castle on 400 Benedict Avenue at the request of Con Edison for an outside gas investigation unrelated to the earlier call, Herguth said. Again they did not find the origin of the odor.

You Will Go Down the Drain!

A caller reported to police that his finger was stuck in a drain and he needed help on Jan. 14 at 12:53 p.m.

TVAC reported they helped the Irving Avenue man get his finger out and he needed no further medical assistance. 

Lt. Herguth said the man was using an electric snake to clear a waste line and as he was winding it back, his gloved finger got caught in the coil.


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