Thief Tells Kid: 'Don't Touch My Hat!'

An alleged hat thief walked off with a baseball cap from a kid at McDonald's. The youth's friends followed the man home but didn't get the hat back.

A young caller on Nov. 18 reported to Tarrytown police at 4:29 p.m. that a man stole his Florida Marlins baseball hat from inside the McDonald's restaurant.

The boy said he placed the baseball hat on a table and went to the restroom. When he exited the restroom he saw a man with his hat in his hand. He asked for the hat back and the man said “Don’t touch my hat” and left the McDonald's.

The kid and his four friends followed the man to his home on Windle Park. The kid said the suspect entered an apartment there. He described the man as a white male with a large brown and gray beard, black sweat pants and flip flops.

Officers on the scene reported numerous attempts to contact the suspect were unsuccessful. The youth in headquarters made a statement and police filed a case for petit larceny. The hat remains at large.

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