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Vandals Damage Entire Fleet of Sleepy Hollow's Garbage and Dump Trucks

Incident discussed at last night's Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees Meeting. All of the trucks suffered broken windshields, headlights, side windows and one "out of service" pick-up truck was set on fire and burned to the ground.

Sometime on Sunday afternoon, May 6, vandals damaged 13 trucks belonging to the Village of Sleepy Hollow, including the village's entire fleet of garbage trucks. The trucks were parked at the old GM plant behind locked gates. All of the trucks suffered broken windshields, headlights, side windows and one "out of service" pick-up truck was set on fire and burned to the ground. 

"It was a huge fire visible from Beekman Avenue," said village administrator Anthony Giaccio at the regular Board of Trustees meeting last night.

On Monday, Police Chief Gregory Camp was still assessing the extent of the damage, which by Tuesday's report included all 13 trucks.

Mayor Wray described the damage to the vehicles in detail and said the criminals did a great deal of damage. "They used hammers and golf clubs to break every window and mirror. This was not a robbery. It was a malicious act by someone out to destroy public property."

During her report on the Department of Public Works, Trustee Evelyn Stupel said garbage and recycling pick-up would be delayed as a result of the damage because two of the village's five garbage trucks are out of service.  There will be no bulk pick-up on Monday. 

Trustee Jennifer Lobato-Church reminded residents that the GM site is private property.  "No one is allowed on that property without permission of the owner.  I don't care if the gate is open or if there is a hole in the fence that has been there for ten years," she said.

Wray urged anyone with information about the incident to report it to the .

CriticalObserver May 09, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Sadly, it seems that no one was minding the shop. Safety and law enforcement in the inner village has been lackluster, at best, as of late. It makes arguing against the county taking over difficult, when municipal assets can't even be protected. It draws into question the ability to protect the public safety.
Robert Solari May 09, 2012 at 06:14 PM
The Vandals most likely entered from Kindland Point Park. Are there any Cameras located at the Park Entrance? My guess it was teenagers having fun. Finger prints are the only way to find out who did it.
CriticalObserver May 10, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Adrian, will all due respect, ownership of the property is irrelevant regarding this matter. An extensive amount of property was destroyed, regardless of public or private entitlement, with absolutely no notice by law enforcement, nor nearby residents. Ichabod's landing has an unobstructed view of the property, yet seemingly, no resident there noticed. A regular police patrol may have helped, yet neither came to pass. There is a reciprocal responsibility by all private and public parties, and that is not being honored.
CriticalObserver May 11, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Ah, I misunderstood. My apologies Adrian.
Krista Madsen May 15, 2012 at 06:51 PM
it is GM, but we have license agreements to be on property (trucks, special events like fireworks, road races) for which we have to give them insurance. Technically, it is listed ownership as Mt. Pleasant Industrial Development Agency but this a mechanism to give GM tax exempt status. GM is the real owner. It's always a good - if confusing - question to ask! And I will have update on status of property itself in next few days. Which I'm afraid is "no real news."


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