Tarrytown Passes Law Allowing Sidewalk Music

Village may be among first in area to allow sidewalk musicians, said Mayor Fixell.

In a quick meeting of the Tarrytown Board of Trustees Tuesday night, the Board voted to amend the Village Code to allow sidewalk musicians, , on Main Street. 

Three people addressed the board during the public hearing on the issue, all with positive comments about street music. Christopher Reising, who gathered signatures on a petition asking the village to allow sidewalk musicians, was one of the speakers. 

"I want to thank the Board for putting so much time into this issue," said Reising.  "All my life I have been playing music, but never on a sidewalk, and I love it."  Reising went on to say that the law's restrictions, such as no amplifiers, may pose difficulties.

"I need a small amp to play my gig or I can't play," said Reising who brought along a decibel meter to demonstrate how volume could be measured.

Mayor Drew Fixell said the concern is for the residents of Main Street who might be disturbed if music were amplified.

Another speaker who gave her name only as Victoria said musicians should be allowed to have a tip jar as it is natural for people to want to show their appreciation.  "It would be sad and unfair if musicians can't receive tips," she said. 

"We realize this law is imperfect, but let's pass it as it is and we can tweak it later," said Mayor Drew Fixell. 

The law restricts the number of musicians on Main Street to four and requires the purchase of an annual permit for $10.

"If this goes smoothly, we can expand it later," said Trustee Tom Basher.

Village administrator Mike Blau said he believes that Tarrytown is the first village in the area to allow sidewalk musicians.

In other business,

  • trustees noted that Sat. Sept. 22 is the Village-wide Tag Sale from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • alarm use permits will now be valid for two years, instead of one
  • a surplus senior van will be sold
  • the Board voted to approve bill payments of $550,761.
  • Mayor Fixell urged residents to attend the Tappan Zee Bridge meeting next Wednesday.  


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