Feds Focus Case on Robert Lustyik, Sleepy Hollow's Ex-FBI Agent

The dramatic arrest of Robert Lustyik, 51, took the neighbors of this Philipse Manor “good family man” by surprise last October.

Lustyik, former FBI agent facing federal charges of alleged bribery, has since been held in Utah and spent time wearing an ankle bracelet in his home.

The case against him is now reportedly narrowing its focus. 

Michael Taylor is the defense contractor who won – through illegal insider information, to which he has since pled guilty – a multi-million contract in Afghanistan in 2007 for his company, American International Security Corp. When the government starting sniffing into this contract, Taylor allegedly asked Lustyik to help in 2011.

Taylor will now go free, reports LoHud.com, as he has now accepted a plea deal to help prosecutors convict Lustyik.

“I think they care more about convicting an FBI agent who’s allegedly selling his trust for kickbacks,” Ben Gershman, a professor at the Pace University School of Law, told LoHud.com. “Yeah, Taylor is the central figure in the fraud operation, but it seems to me that they want Lustyik more than they want Taylor.”

Read the full report on LoHud.com.

Read the report of his initial arrest on Patch here.


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