Friends of Horan's Landing Launches with Big Plans

At the foot of Beekman, Horan's Landing fronts directly on the river, with a grassy field and a kayak launch. The newly-organized Friends of Horan's Landing plan to keep it beautiful and offer special events to draw residents to the waterfront.

Horan’s Landing, the prettiest and perhaps least-utilized park in Sleepy Hollow, is about to hit the spotlight, with the help of a few friends.

Susan Macfarlane and Stella Garrick, chairs of the newly formed Friends of Horan’s Landing, have gathered a list of 43 people who’ve expressed interest in bolstering the park's presence, and Macfarlane says the park needs all the friends it can get.

“It’s a beautiful park,” Macfarlane said, “and a great place to run into neighbors, kayak, and walk. But keeping out all the weeds takes a lot of work.”

Friends of Horan’s Landing are inviting the public to a clean-up day on Saturday, June 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

“We have plenty of work gloves,” Macfarlane says.

And to celebrate their hard work and draw attention to this local treasure, they’ve announced their first free family movie night for August 13, with a rain date of August 17. They’ll screen “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and encourage all residents to bring a picnic or a lawn chair, in time for viewing right after sundown.

Movie night at Horan’s Landing is sponsored by two Beekman Street restaurants, Bridgeview Tavern and Finalmente, and by Fuji Film in Hawthorne.

Situated right on the Hudson next to Ichabod’s Landing, the park was dedicated in December, 2000, a gift to the village by the condominium’s developers.  There’s a kayak launch ramp, grassy slopes, walkways and benches for admiring the vista. 

RiverWalk, adjacent to the park, curves along the northern side of the park, continuing in front of Ichabod’s Landing and providing spectacular views of the river, the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse.

But this gift to Sleepy Hollow requires more maintenance than the village can manage alone, especially in light of budget cuts.

“Every park should have a friends group,” village trustee Barbara Carr said.

Carr has served as a consultant to Macfarlane and Garlick, and helped out at this spring’s first work day, May 21st.

“She’s been marvelous,” Macfarlane says.

About a dozen residents turned out to help, using work gloves provided by Carr and the village. Most of their efforts were devoted to removing invasive mugwort.

Kingsland Point Park and Douglass Park have also held community work days this year, and David Bedell, chair of Sleepy Hollow’s Environmental Advisory Council is delighted.

But Bedell says it takes many days of work to keep that balance.  “As important as volunteer days are, you can’t do everything in a single day.  There’s work to be done throughout the year.”

“It’s great that these Ichabod’s Landing residents are coming together to permanently adopt Horan’s Landing,” Bedell said. “They can help improve biodiversity here on the shores of the Hudson by removing those invasive plants like mugwort and promoting the growth of native plants”

“There’s an interesting nexus between ecology and aesthetics.” Bedell adds.  “Areas overwhelmed by invasive plants invariably look ugly compared with healthy areas.  You don’t need to know plants to see that things are out of balance.”

That’s exactly what can be witnessed at Horan's Landing.  Wildflowers, technically weeds, bloomed in some areas, near ornamental grasses which had been planted to blend and form a break between the housing units and the walkways.

Though the park is not as large or as heavily used as Kingland, those who have found it are quite loyal. Harry Shin says he walks his dogs there every day and enjoys the small pleasures the park attracts.

“It’s quiet,” he said.

Janice Landrum June 16, 2011 at 04:48 PM
One of the photos is of the plaque about the park. You can read a bit about Mr. Horan by looking at that photo.
Moe Green June 17, 2011 at 03:14 AM
There was some contoversey over the naming of the park Horan park back when the park was first put into place most of the towns people were against naming it for one indiviual. when many from our town died during the war. It was said that they should have named it veterans park to honor all of the fallen men from our village. Horan was chick Gallellas buddy on Pearl harbor and at the time Chick was very influential with the mayor and a board member Defelice and they pushed the name through.
Sue Horan Scott December 06, 2011 at 06:40 PM
I am a little shocked I found this page ... I am doing a scrape-book for my Mom, John Horan was my uncle. My Dad was William F. Horan, Jack's brother. I wanted to say Thank you, but words are not enough ... Wish we were up there to help ... WOW I am really speechless. I have a lot of information on The Horan's if interested please ask and I will try and answer and supply pictures if available. I am very Proud to be a HORAN! Thank you again, Susan Horan-Scott
PAT HORAN March 20, 2012 at 11:31 PM
I think Sue my father is your cousin Mary Stien was his aunt or cousin will find out more info I have JOHN HORANS picture at home ,PAT HORAN from Galway Ireland
Sue Horan Scott July 26, 2012 at 04:47 AM
Pat - So sorry Just saw your reply. Aunt Mary was my Dad's sister! Jean (her daughter) was JUST here in NC, US visiting my Mom Helen Horan! I am hoping to be in Sleepy Hollow NY This Monday to Meet Chick and a few others - Did you text me a while back?


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