Greystone Aims to Bring Large Homes, Parkland and Trail Connection to South Broadway

Comment period ends April 4 for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement on a 20-home development proposed across from Lyndhurst.


With spring comes the building season. Developer Andy Todd of Dix Hills, NY is hoping to get work under way soon on the new road that will anchor his proposed Greystone development at 612 South Broadway in Tarrytown, across from .

The proposal is for 20 large new homes, eight on property in Tarrytown, and a further 12 on adjoining land over the border in Greenburgh, comprising a total 84 acres. Each home will be secluded on a lot of several acres, and many will enjoy splendid views from sites on historic land.

According to Todd, who spoke to us this morning from the road, the land, since Pre-Revolutionary times, was part of a 300-acre family farm. In the 1840s, the land was subdivided into three different estates: Greystone, Lyndhurst, Pinkstone (now ). "This was the start of Millionaire's Row on South Broadway,” he said, home to the some of the wealthiest families around.

All access to the proposed Greystone development, future home to well-heeled folk, will be from South Broadway, just north of the tennis courts at Tarryhill Road. The new access road will replace the present driveway to the Father Divine house, near the Nigerian Embassy. An emergency access point on Roundabend Road already exists, but will not be available for non-emergency use.

The Greenburgh portion lies over a hill crest beyond the Father Divine house, near the Roundabend Road turnaround. It is slated for completion in a second phase of the Greystone development.

According to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement currently under review before the Tarrytown Planning Board (with support from the Greenburgh Planning Board), any potential impacts to the environment will be mitigated as follows:

  • To wetlands in Greenburgh: by avoiding any disturbance of them and establishing “protective buffer areas.”
  • To steep slopes: creating large lots, far greater than zoning ordinances of Tarrytown and Greenburgh, and careful siting.
  • To wildlife and botanic resources: Todd will donate 21.7 acres of woodland adjoining Taxter Ridge Park in Greenburgh, to remain undeveloped as public open space.  
  • To stormwater: creation of an “internal stormwater protection system that will result in post development flow being less than pre-development current flow.”
  • And to construction impacts: implementing a sediment and erosion control plan and detailed construction-phase measures to alleviate noise and air pollution.

Trails are being established in the area to connect Taxter and the existing Old Croton Aqueduct. Another donation of land at the northwest corner of the property, where the Aqueduct crosses South Broadway, will allow access to Tarrytown's nearby Gracemere Park.

Todd, eager to honor the history here and the land itself, intends to preserve as much woodland as he can in Greystone, and will introduce extensive screening on South Broadway, adjacent to Tarryhill Road homes, and at other points. Proposed drainage improvements on the property are expected to reduce the storm water flooding that currently occurs along South Broadway in this area. In addition, he is in discussion with Con Ed about the possibility of running utility lines underground along this stretch.

“So far there's been a lot of support for the project,” Todd said of his first proposed development in the county under the company names of Broadway and Hudson Estates LLC and River Towns Estates LLC. “We're looking forward to working here.”

To review the DEIS and supporting documents on paper, visit or , or read it here attached in PDF or on the village website. Public input received by April 4 will be addressed as part of the review. The next Tarrytown Planning Board meeting will be at 7 pm on Monday, April 23, at Village Hall.  

Wade Schultz April 04, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Please,don't let this happen! Tarrytown needs to be preserving,not developing it's last remaining open space.
Krista Madsen August 14, 2012 at 12:24 PM
I do, I drove through and took a lot of pictures the other night and am looking into this. Thanks for writing, will post soon and add link here as well.
Rich May 19, 2013 at 05:17 PM
@Krista - At one time not too long ago there was a promise to have Spring plantings complete this Spring (2013) and a sign was put up stating this. Well, it is now May 19 and the sign has been taken down and there are no plantings.
Krista Madsen June 11, 2013 at 09:40 AM
Hi Rich, I've got an update for you: http://tarrytown.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/update-on-greystone-development-plantings-in-september


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