Tarrytown Board: More Parking Woes Ahead

In a short Tarrytown Board of Trustees meeting, repaving of parking lots and streets were the biggest news.

Mayor Drew Fixell began the meeting with a moment of silence for Elizabeth "Libby" Scarborough Mascia, the founder of the child-care center in Tarrytown that now bears her name, who died Sept. 15. She was 91.

Village Administrator's Report

Michael Blau reported that the largest of the commuter parking lots across from the train station will be repaved. The work is scheduled to begin Friday, Sept. 21. 

"The village is working on creating alternate locations for parking and a flyer designating temporary commuter parking areas will be provided to all cars in the commuter lots," said Blau. 

Information about alternate parking during the repaving project will also be noted on signs and on the village web site.

"It had to be done sooner or later," said Blau. "I'll take the hit," he said in reaction to the pained look on the faces of some Trustees who obviously anticipated more backlash from commuters already frustrated with the disruption of parking.

Blau went on to say that the repaving of village streets began last Thursday. The following streets have or will be repaved: Walnut, Browning, Embree, Front, and portions of High Street, Benedict from Loh to Martling, and Altamont from Rosehill to Fairview. 

"Cooperative bidding with the five villages in the Town of Greenburgh for the repaving of village streets has significantly reduced our paving cost and enabled the village to pave more streets," said Blau. 

As a result funds now exist to also pave Hanford Place.

Public Hearing - Alarm User Permits

No one spoke during the public hearing to change residential and commercial security alarm permits from one to two years. The Board quickly passed the measure along with a change to the alarm fee schedule for a two year permit, instead of one. Fees did not increase. 


The Board voted to hire RBC Wealth Management to provide investment services for the Length of Service Award Program for the fire department.

The Board awarded a contract to a Connecticut company to repair a "piped stream" under Central Ave. The culvert is part of the storm sewer system. Bids ranged from $112,000 to $197,000. The project was awarded to the lowest bidder.

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joy September 20, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Not a sidewalk leading to the River, but a sidewalk in the lot parallel to the tracks for people walking to the train. Walkers walking south -- from the H Bridge, West Main, or from the cars they just parked -- have to walk in traffic to get to the stairs leading to the tracks. Essentially the only spot to walk is between parked cars and oncoming traffic. It is difficult for walkers and parkers. It is difficult for walkers and parkers.
Krista Madsen September 20, 2012 at 02:40 PM
They haven't posted signs because all the information isn't in place yet, so paving Will Not Start Tomorrow. Here's the update from Blau: "We are now shooting for Monday. Will be placing flyers on cars tomorrow. Am meeting with a property owner tomorrow about temporary parking during the repaving project and that is the last piece I need to complete the flyer."
Truth Revealed September 20, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Due to poor decision making there is no money left for the pool... However, the village has agreed to let us swim in the Hudson River (at our own risk of course). You just need a permit which will be sold for just $100.00 per swimmer. 1% discount for residents. Trustees swim for free.
wanda September 20, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Krista Are you saying they will not be paving on Friday ? If Blau said it, they properly will be paving Friday . He will screw it up.
Krista Madsen September 20, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Of course many elements to this project and not all about Village Administrator but many players, but so far it looks like probable Monday.


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