Port Chester Extends Building Amnesty Program 4 Months

Program was set to expire at the end of December.

Port Chester is extending its ongoing building violations amnesty program for another four months.

The program, which is designed to encourage property owners in the village to clear up problems related to old building permits and violations, was originally set to take applications up until Dec. 31. After community meetings about the program, members of the village Board of Trustees have decided to give property owners another four months to apply.

Port Chester Village Manager Christopher Steers said about 63 property owners have submitted applications to the program. What he's seen so far with the program, Steers told the Board of Trustees that he expects the issues related to those properties can likely be cleared up by June 2013.

By expanding the program, Steers told trustees he expects the applications could reach beyond 300. As a matter of business, Steers said the village Building Department should be able to handle the additional work that would come from the extended amnesty program.

Property owners who apply for the amnesty can find out from the village how to correct problems related to their properties, with fines and fees waived. Property owners — residential, multi-family and commercial — get 18 months to follow up.

Silvio V. Buccieri December 05, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Big deal"" they are given the home owners four months more, look how many years it took them to find all of this. things like this should never had happened in the frist place if some one was watching the store? who is watching the overcrowdig that is going on right now? will they get four months more too!! still no stroke!!
JJ December 05, 2012 at 07:26 PM
@Silivio V. Buccieri.............I agree 100% This was years in the making and the people responsible have either passed away, moved out of state to retire or remain attached to the village in one capacity or another. Proving ONCE AGAIN that the Village of Port Chester is NOTHING more than cheap talk and NO teeth. What a joke and we wonder why we have been living in this situation for year now? We're only a few steps away from becoming the Queens, NY of Westchester.


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