Riverkeeper: If a New Tappan Zee Bridge is Built, Dredging Isn't Needed

Do 1.5 million cubic yards need to be dredged over the next five years as planned? Riverkeeper says no.


The following is printed in a full from a letter that comes from Riverkeeper:

Governor Cuomo and the NYS Thruway Authority have asked the Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to dredge approximately 1.5 million cubic yards on the north side of the existing Tappan Zee Bridge over the next five years. According to the Army Corps of Engineers Public Notice from January 27, 2012,  "the dredging is to provide an access channel located north of, and parallel to the current bridge in order to safely bring in and maneuver marine equipment for construction of the new bridge."  Thus far, the State has failed to make the case that extensive, long-term dredging is the only alternative.  

The depth at low tide at this location is 8 feet. What these images [of the current research work going on under the bridge ] prove is that heavy pile driving equipment and tugs can operate within the existing depths available next to the bridge. The current bridge was built without dredging a service channel.

The catastrophic damage to the River, which would result from dredging a service channel, is unnecessary. We must find a way to solve our transportation problems without sacrificing the Hudson River.

Thanks very much,

John Lipscomb

Patrol Boat "R. Ian Fletcher"

Water Quality Program





John Taggart June 14, 2012 at 08:57 PM
The engineers know what there doing YOU don't. The river will be fine it dosen't need you and your little " patrol " boat.


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