Sleepy Hollow Board: New Ambulance Officers

The new $600,000 firetruck nears completion, public discusses ball playing in the streets, and the Village gears up for Halloween.

At this week's Sleepy Hollow Board meeting, new ambulance corps officers were sworn-in following the recent resignation of Captain Shelly Glover.

Edgar J. Brennen III will now serve as Captain. New officers include lieutenants Shelley Robinson, Sung Pak and Ryan Murray, and secretary Elena Brennen. In one case, Tarrytown's loss is Sleepy Hollow's gain.

Shelly Robinson is among those bringing many years of experience to the role; she had stepped down from the Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps in protest against the way their Board handled the reinstatement of member Alaric Young. 

"I have two gorgeous kids in this school system and I want to do my part to help the village," said Pak, a Philipse Manor resident.


An enthusiastic John Korzelius, 2nd Assistant Chief of the Fire Department, gave a presentation on the construction of the village's new fire truck which is nearing completion. The $600,000 truck which is being constructed by the Pierce Company in Appleton, WI is expected to be here the week of the Haunted Hayride for public inspection. The truck has enhanced safety features such as seat belts that don't get wedged between the seats. It is also painted an eye-catching orange and black. 

"That's North Tarrytown colors!" said Korzelius. "This truck is a good investment for the village. It will be here for a long time."


A continuation of the public hearing on village code revisions opened and closed with only written comments such as those from Marcel and Andrea Tschan of Hunter Ave. who urged the Board not to change the law prohibiting ball playing in village streets, even though their own children did so.

"We supervised our children, but now unsupervised kids ignore cars and make the street their own personal playground. If this law is changed, the village opens itself up to lawsuits," wrote the Tschans.

Mayor Ken Wray said any suggested changes to the language of the law will be discussed at next week's work session.

Mayor's Announcements

Mayor Wray once again mentioned that Tarrytown's lawsuit against Sleepy Hollow was dismissed by the judge who said "every one of their arguments had no merit."  Tarrytown has 30 days to appeal the ruling; as of yet they have not revealed .

Trustee Reports

Trustee Susan MacFarlane recognized village administrator Anthony Giaccio for his participation in the Swim for Life event. She also noted that the Chilean Festival drew a huge crowd.

Trustee Bruce Campbell announced that the village was halfway to its goal of raising $30,000 in sponsorships for the Haunted Hayride and that the Journal News had donated $5,000 in ad space. Hayride tickets are on sale now on the village website (www.sleepyhollowny.gov).

Trustee Karin Wompa said she is working with village architect Sean McCarthy to develop a plan and cost for adding street lights and repairing broken sidewalks on the south side of Beekman Ave. Meanwhile, tree wells and perennial plants will be installed soon on the north side of Beekman.

Trustee Evelyn Stupel announced that housing court will take place on Sept. 27 with 22 cases on the calendar. Stupel cited two recent cases - one at 305 North Washington were rooms were being illegally rented without a single room occupancy permit. Gas-powered lawn tools and gas containers were also being illegally stored. At 86 Beekman, a legal two apartment had been illegally subdivided into four and the first floor food establishment had been abandoned with the food left to rot. The building was ordered to be vacated.

Garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, Oct. 9 instead of Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 8. 

Trustee Jennifer Lobato-Church noted that the Health and Safety Committee is discussing youth initiatives and after-hours gatherings in public parks, particularly Horan's Landing. She announced that the police department offers free inspections of child safety car seats and that the fire department is hosting an open house on Oct. 7.

Administrator's Report

The village is considering a water shortage alert system. The county alerts residents by phone when there is a water safety issue, but not for shortages. 

The dredging of the Hudson River to remove contaminants discharged by the former General Motors plant will be closer to Ichabod's Landing then previously thought.

Further study by a specialty marine engineer is required to repair the sinkhole on the public promenade at Ichabod's Landing. The village is issuing a request for proposals to study the entire bulkhead. 

"I wish we had done this from the beginning," said Trustee MacFarlane. It's been more than one year."

Public Comments

James West, president of the Sleepy Hollow Manor Association, asked the board to restore access to Rockwood Hall Park through Birch Close, a historic access point closed during construction of Kendal on Hudson. West also inquired about the status of:

  • a Route 9 turn lane 
  • a requested restriction on right turns on red out of Phelps Hospital
  • and the repaving of Fremont Road 

Chuck Lankester, past president of the Sleepy Hollow Manor Association, said the village has title to the land on which the fence separating Birch Close from Rockwood Hall Park sits. "We appreciate your continued support on this matter, but we need your action to reopen this gate," said Lankester.

"I strongly support reopening the gate," said trustee MacFarlane. "But I've reviewed the legal documents and it appears the village doesn't have the right to reopen the gate without the cooperation of Phelps Hospital."

According to Lankester, the gate has remained closed primarily due to the objection of one resident who lives adjacent to the gate and who is also a board member of Phelps Hospital.

"Keith Safien's (president of Phelps) objection had to do with one of his board members, but that person may not be leaving the community and so Safien may now be open to further negotiations," said Lankester.

Mayor Wray said he supports reopening the gate and trustee Campbell added that Kendall-on-Hudson residents are also in favor.

The Board passed the following resolutions:

  • Authorized the sale of a 1991 fire truck to be replaced with the new truck now under construction. Bids start at $25,000.
  • Approved reimbursement for a police training seminar on Weapon Retention and Edge Weapon Defense.
  • Approved the use of a $113,077 grant to mapping stormwater infrastructure
  • Authorized the submission of a grant application in the amount of $220,000 to improve the safety of the street crossing at Beekman Ave. and North Washington Street.
  • Accept the retirement of Police officer Thomas Eaton due to disability.
  • Approved two-percent salary increase for Anthony Giaccio, a $39,000 contract for video services and $1.00 or $1.50 per hour salary increases for recreation department staff. More on the fireworks surrounding this here.

Village Clerk Report

Village clerk Paula McCarthy said the Jennie-O Turkey commercial filmed earlier this year in Sleepy Hollow is airing now through the Superbowl.  It can be seen on five networks, plus YouTube and Facebook.  "It was nice to see some of our residents in the ad," said McCarthy.

McCarthy also announced that actor Vince Vaughn will be filming part of a movie at Philipsburg Manor. Look for him someday in our Movies Made Here feature.

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Michael Blalock October 01, 2012 at 10:10 PM
The Village of Sleepy Hollow can spend $600,000 on a new fire truck, what's wrong with the old one? But, they can't spend money on new garbage trucks which are constantly breaking down. I don't understand the logic which one is used every day? A fire truck or a garbage truck?


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