Sleepy Hollow Board Considers Hiring Paid EMT

Up for discussion at tonight's regular meeting of the Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees is the issue raised of hiring a paid EMT for the Ambulance Corps.

The following is the tentative agenda for tonight's board meeting (subject to change):

  1. Pledge & Moment of Silence/Recognition

  2. Public Hearings: 1. Continuation of Code Revision

  3. Approval of Warrants: See attached

  4. Approval of Minutes: 10/9/12; 11/13/12; 11/20/12

  5. Mayor’s Announcements

  6. Discussion: Paid EMT’s

  7. Public Comments

  8. Trustee Reports

  9. Administrator’s Report

  10. Resolutions:
    R-1 Bagged Meters

    R-2 Actions of the Ambulance Corp
    R-3 Award BID for Ambulance Exhaust Removal System R-4 Set Work Session Location

  11. Old Business

  12. New Business

  13. Communications, Petitions & Requests

  14. Public Comments

  15. Adjournment

    Executive Session at Call of the Mayor 

The Board of Trustees is open to the public tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 7:00 p.m. in Sleepy Hollow Village Hall, 28 Beekman Avenue.

Mystery Man November 28, 2012 at 03:28 AM
The ambulance corps would have been alright if the former captain Shelly Glover hadn't thown everybody off and wanted them to re-apply. Most of them did not want to be part of her agenda and to this day are gone. You don't make conscientious volunteers jump through hoops.Tarrytown ambulance has cover many calls in Sleepy Hollow because their ambulance does not get out.


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