Sleepy Hollow Democrats Nominate One Incumbent, Two Talented Newcomers

It's looking like a race in Sleepy Hollow between Moving the Legend Forward and Bringing the Legend Back; here we get to know the three women vying for Trustee.


The mood had lifted at where the newly minted Democratic nominees could breathe a sigh of relief after their , enjoy a glass of wine, and start looking to the future.

“Moving the Legend Forward,” declared Trustee incumbent Karin Wompa, perhaps in response to the “Bring the Legend Back” tagline of the .

The Democratic Party was throwing a party Saturday evening on behalf of their candidates – two-time Trustee Wompa, and newcomers Jennifer Lobato-Church and Susan MacFarlane – for $75 a head, in order to raise funds for such campaign necessities as lawn signs and flyers. The front bar area of the dimly lit restaurant was packed with friends and officials, and the three women stepped aside to talk with Patch about their collective vision for the village.

Lobato-Church and MacFarlane, who hadn't known each other previously and were both approached to run, are becoming fast friends as they find they have much in common. They both work for banks, are the same age, and have been here (or, in Lobato-Church's case, back here to her hometown) for six years.

One difference is Lobato-Church is a registered Republican. But the nominees and those who nominated them say these affiliations matter little in small-town politics.

Mayor Ken Wray, a member of the nominating committee, said, “The party politics that's got us so thoroughly screwed up in Washington is not in evidence here. I know they are going to a great job for the village.”

Lobato-Church, who like Wray, lives in the Weber Park neighborhood, said “having a Republican on a Democratic ticket just goes to show you how party politics doesn't really matter. It's about what's best for the village.” She did add that she is happy to also be listed on the ballot under the Village Independents line they are getting the requisite 100 signatures for.

The candidates held to the theme that great progress had been made in the Village that they wanted to continue supporting. Lobato-Church, an in-house Regulatory Advisory Counsel for the Royal Bank of Scotland, said, “The major issues are pretty well underway. I don't want to see any of it get sidetracked.”

Lobato-Church cited her experience on the Zoning Board, and as an attorney, as beneficial to negotiations with G.M. and what she sees as a “long, process-driven road ahead of us.” Other goals she holds for her term: this mother of two would like to see more involvement from our youth in things like the youth court she recalled participating in in her own childhood here, as well as a youth version of the Police Advisory Council she chairs.

The nominating committee took notice of MacFarlane, a practicing securities litigation attorney for Morgan Stanley in Purchase who has lived in Ichabod's Landing for six years with her husband, from her work with Friends of Horan's Landing and Sleepy Hollow RiverWalk Park. The group started a movie night and volunteered to maintain the small riverfront park. “There are lots of opportunity to give here,” she said, adding that she felt “flattered and surprised that they asked me to consider running” and that volunteering goes a long way.

MacFarlane said she “had a lot of ideas” and praised how far the Village has come in the six years she's been here. An offshoot issue she would like to address that comes with the riverfront developments and the growth of Beekman businesses is traffic and parking problems.

MacFarlane spoke to, and discounted, any gender divide in this election season. “It's funny that it's three men verses three women, but there's no gender politics per se," she said. "We bring lots of diversity, strong careers, different perspetives.”

Trustee Bruce Campbell looked forwared to a “well-balanced Board” to come.

Wompa, as sole veteran, both pointed to the Board's accomplishments in her two-term tenure and looked forward to a fresh start.

This mother of twins who has lived here since 1995 and served in a number of positions, described how, when she began her political career here, the Village was in ruins. There had been a substantial tax increase, the G.M. development was at a standstill, the police department had a horrible morale.

“The problems we inherited we resolved,” she said, adding milestones reached like the new Morse park and Senior Center. “Now we can really start moving forward.


You can ask to join their Facebook group at Sleepy Hollow Independents & Democrats and follow Patch for news of upcoming debates. 

The will be held Monday at 7:30 at Tarrytown Village Hall for registered Republicans to nominate candidates competing with the . There has been no such announcement yet from Sleepy Hollow Republicans. Elections will be held in both Villages on March 20.

Old war vet January 29, 2012 at 11:49 PM
I see Janet Gondolfo still has her hand in the pot. Article states they were approached to run. I wonder who approached them? Cough cough , Janet. Sleepy Hollow will never change, only for the worse.


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