Sleepy Hollow's Online 'No Soliciting' List

Sleepy Hollow introduces an easy way to keep the solicitors at bay.

Many residents view door-to-door solicitors as a menace worthy of calling the police on (as evidenced by the numerous calls police receive weekly on suspicious or simply aggressive salespeople).

Have you been bombarded by someone who wanted to see your electricity bill? Suited young people coming in the name of religion with pamphlets?

Tarrytown has a law whereby residents who wish to exclude roaming peddlers from their premises must put a sign near their entrance. The sign must be at least 3 ¾ inches x 3 ¾ inches. The village in turn keeps a list of premises with a sign which is given to all registered solicitors. Residents can join the list by contacting Carol Booth, Village Clerk, at 914-631-1652.

Sleepy Hollow is negating the need for a citizens to have such a sign in their threshold with a one-step online database.

Residents can now simply click on the new No Soliciting link on the village website. It takes a few seconds and although it does ask for your name, address and email, only your address will be supplied to the Police Department. Similarly to Tarrytown, a list of addresses is then given to all solicitors. That is, if they register. If not, surely someone will be calling the police.

Questions? Call Village Hall at 914-366-5106. Here’s the link to sign up.

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Tarrytowners: Do you have a sign in your window? Does it work? Do you wish you didn’t have to have a sign up on your home? 


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