Tarrytown Board: Storm Damage, Sidewalk Cafés

The board will schedule public hearings for the Board to waive building department fees for repair of storm damage to local structures, and to extend the season that sidewalk cafés can stay open.

Following is the agenda for Tarrytown's Board of Trustees regular meeting held tonight with explanatory notes in italics from Village Administrator Mike Blau:

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Miscellaneous and Liaison Reports
  • Changes and/or Additions to the Agenda
  • Village Administrator’s Report
  • Opportunity for the Public to Address the Board Only on Agenda Items.  Speakers shall have three (3) minutes to address the Board ofTrustees.
  • Village Justice Court – Independent Auditor’s Report

Every community is required by the Court system to adopt a resolution noting that the elected body has received the annual audit report for the court. Our Board received it in September.

  • West Elizabeth Street Parking Lot – Conversion to Parking Meters

The lot is currently restricted to business permits during the day and resident permits at night. The intent was to provide a location for the staff of the businesses in the downtown commercial district to park. However, it is not being used so the intent is to convert the lot to parking meters so that anyone can use the lot.

  • Sale of 75 Neperan Road

The Village will be awarding the sale of the property based upon offers received.

  • Award a Bid for Cleaning Service of Various Village Buildings

Periodically the Village bids the cleaning of buildings. The bid generated 5 bidders and the Board will be awarding to the lowest responsible bidder.

  • Schedule a Public Hearing – Waiver of Building Department Fees

Set public hearing for law that enables the Board to waive building department fees for repair of damage to structures from the storm. Would also allow the Board to designate future storms whereby the fees are waived by resolution.

  • Schedule a Public Hearing – Sidewalk Café 

Set public hearing to extend time period that sidewalk cafes are permitted from April 1 to March 15. Request came from the Merchants Council.

  • Schedule a Public Hearing – Payment of Recreation Fees

Set public hearing for amendment to Zoning Code to establish a date certain when recreation fees are to be paid.

  • Approval of the Minutes of the Executive Session of the Board ofTrustees held on September 26, 2012                            
  • Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board ofTrustees held on November 5, 2012                        
  • Approval of Audited Vouchers 
  • Opportunity for the Public to Address the Board.  Speakers have five (5) minutes before yielding to the next speaker; then three (3) minutes for additional comments
  • Adjournment

The meeting is held Monday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. in Tarrytown Village Hall, One Depot Plaza, Tarrytown.


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