Tarrytown Board: Work Session Agenda

Holiday free meter season is coming again, bids taken for Tarrytown Lakes Trail, and other matters to be discussed at tonight's work session.

Here is the agenda for Wednesday night's Tarrytown Board of Trustees work session, with explanatory notes in italics from Village Administrator Mike Blau:

Board of Trustees Concerns
Open Session

  • Holiday Meter Parking  

Discussion with Board about bagging of meters in the downtown business district.

  • YMCA - Water bills

Discussion with Board about a request from the Y concerning the penalties on the water bill.

  • West Main Street – Circle Parking Restrictions  

Discussion with Board about current restrictions at end of West Main Street.

  • Agreement – Westchester County Police Training Facility  

Discussion with Board about proposed IMA with the County regarding use of the training center and our staff teaching at the facility.

  • Bids – Tarrytown Lakes Trail  

Review of bids and possible award at following Board of Trustees meeting.

  • Street Sweeper Bid  

Discussion with Board regarding rejecting of single bid.

  • Washington Street Parking Lot West (per Trustee Tom Basher)  

Trustee Basher wants to discuss with the Board the current parking restrictions in this lot.

  • West Elizabeth Street Parking Lot – Conversion to Parking Meters  

Discussion with Board regarding proposed legislation changing the parking regulations in this parking lot.

  • Waiver of Building Department Fees  

Discussion with Board regarding proposed legislation.

Executive Session

1A.  Tarrytown Lakes Kayak Program 2013     

2A.  PBA Negotiations     

3A.  Hudson Harbor

As far as executive session items, Blau would only say, "In regards to Hudson Harbor, we are in discussions with National RE/sources about a number of outstanding issues."


The work session takes place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28 at Tarrytown Village Hall, One Depot Plaza. The open session portion is open to the public.


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