Train Station Rebuild on Track; Situation Around Station, 'Hodgepodge'

Plans remain fuzzy, and unfunded, for the street work required as the Tarrytown Metro-North Station nears completion.


The , according to the article Patch posted last week, but there are many issues stemming from the rebuild that have yet to be resolved. 

As our readers made clear in the comments following the positive prognosis on the $39 million renovation of the Metro-North Station, the complicated congestion surrounding the station is the real annoyance, if not risk, commuters deal with daily. 

According to Marjorie Anders, media liaison for the MTA, these problems will be fixed, but when and how remains unknown. “We know it's a hodgepodge. And it's not the way we're going to leave it,” Anders said. 

As the work nears completion (slated for fall 2012) on the overpasses and platforms, the plans for the surrounding areas still have a long way to go. “There's nothing firm yet,” said Anders, who explained that the MTA is working with the Village to reconfigure the area and accommodate all the different competing elements: such as putting the taxi-stand in a more proximate location that doesn't take up residential parking spaces, for one.

“We have to deal with taxis, buses, drop-offs, pedestrians, parking in a rational way," Anders said. "There's lots of improvements to be made.”

The building phase had its budget, which will be spent in full. The roadwork, on the other hand, “is not funded yet. But it's not insurmountable,” Anders said. 

According to Village Administrator Mike Blau, first the Village drafted a plan, then the railroad reworked it and continues to rework it. "There is more room than you think if one of the islands is eliminated," he said.

Both the MTA and the Village are searching for funding. The Village had some grant money for the project and "we are attempting to work on the improvements as a joint project that will benefit both the Village and the railroad," Blau said.  

As far as a timeline, neither Anders or Blau have a sense of the scope of the work to come, so there's no estimate when this will be begun yet alone completed. 

But to the other question that readers addressed about the height gap between the new platform and where the train arrives below, this will be addressed soon. “They will raise the tracks,” Anders said. 

John Anderson January 19, 2012 at 05:39 PM
And whatever you do, don't contact anyone with knowledge for their input....
Jessica Schwartz January 20, 2012 at 12:58 PM
One immediate improvement for those of us stuck on the ramp waiting for the traffic light to change: change the timing and reduce waiting time.


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