Props 1 and 2 Pass By Wide Margin: Public Schools, Fields Will See Upgrades

"YES!!!" announced parent Tom Schumacher following the release of Tuesday's poll results. 

The much-debated propositions to go to bond for almost $9M for building and fields improvements in the Tarrytowns schools won by a wide margin. 

Prop 1: 678 vs. 437 

Prop 2: 635 vs. 484

Board member Katharine Swibold wrote on 10591, "Congrats and thank you to all who made it happen," also sharing this quote from MSG's Kevin Devaney:

"Sleepy Hollow getting turf on football field fixes one of worst surfaces in region. Hope Irvington, Ketcham, Monroe and Cornwall follow soon."

Despite, or maybe because of the "snow," poll workers cited a brisk turnout Tuesday

Did you vote? How do you feel about the outcome? Share below. 


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