IAHD-Take A Step: The Patch Photography Workshop

Patch journalists recently paired up with men and women from the St. Jude Pre-Vocational Work Readiness program to teach them photography.

Recently, was able to form a new relationship with the local online publication, The Patch, and four journalists from this publication who have become a part of the IAHD-Take A Step Program.

IAHD’s innovative program strives to develop community and corporate collaborations to develop new opportunities for the people who are supported by IAHD. These opportunities include learning new skills, receiving training and building relationships throughout the community. With this program, IAHD’s goal is to offer people in corporations, businesses or community groups the opportunity to get directly involved with men and women supported at IAHD by collaborating with them on special projects. The Patch staff came on board with the program and was able to  give their time to provide us with a wonderful experience.

The Patch journalists taught a workshop lead by Lanning Taliaferro, the Associate Regional Editor of the Hudson Valley Patches, and three of her talented journalists, Plamena, Ashley and Lizzie. All four ladies paired up with four men and women from the St. Jude Pre-Vocational Work Readiness Program for a one-on-one experience on picture taking.

The journalists painted the picture of their typical work day and discussed some of the important aspects of their jobs. For some of the men and women from IAHD, it was the first time they had handled or operated a camera! The Patch staff were able to explain how they capture some of the pictures that bring the stories they write to life. The room was buzzing with questions, answers, smiles and stories to share. Thank you to The Patch for investing the time in us and for making a huge impression on the men and women who participated in the workshop.


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