Vacant Spaces: What Would You Like to See in the Carpet Store?

One Broadway business is going and a new consignment clothing store is on the way.

T.F. Andrew Carpet One is moving to Elmsford, leaving a vast two floor space (and a very coveted parking lot) for someone to snap up.

But, if the former long-vacant Tarrytown Gourmet space is any indication, it takes a long time to find the likes of a Mrs. Green's to occupy (afford) that kind of square-footage. 

What sort of large-scale business would you like to see come to the carpet store? Or would it be better broken up into smaller retail. How about a mini-mall assortment of small pop-up vendors?

Please share your visions for this vacancy below. 

Meanwhile, a bit further down North Broadway across from C-Town, Deja Vu has changed hands to Heather Reid who, though opening a similar business, promises her very own vision, style and huge dose of positivity. Until Trilogy Consignment's anticipated opening of March 15, she's eager to make consignment appointments and get to the know her new community with a pop-up store in the same venue on Jan 18-19 from 10 am-4 pm. 

Her focus from her Facebook blurb: "a balanced selection of secondhand women's apparel and accessories, with styles from the 1940s-1970s, as well as modern mid-to-high level designer items, with a small selection of handmade items." She mentions there will be a small menswear section as well.

Curtis Pope offers a big endorsement. "I've been to her old shop up in Newburyport, MA several times and can say she is the most knowledgeable person I've ever met in regards to vintage styles," he writes. "She is extremely professional, articulate and an absolute pleasure to work with! BEST OF LUCK AND WELCOME TO TARRYTOWN!"

Email Reid at consigntrilogy@gmail.com to make a consignment appointment and for details on the consignment process and terms.
Jerry Eimbinder January 11, 2014 at 06:55 AM
Here are my eatery-related wishes for that space: 1. Caravela (Fernando Cabral returns to the Tarrytown restaurant scene) 2. Flemings Steakhouse (there are none in New York State) 3. Panera Bread (such as the one in Scarsdale) 4. Peking Duck House (Chinese, similar to the one at 236 East 53rd Street, Manhattan) 5. Zorn's Famous Chicken & Ribs (barbecue takeout in Bethpage, NY)


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