Sandy Hub: Recovery & Restoration in Villages

All things recovery here. Please use the comments to share information with your neighbors and give a vivid picture of what is going on in different parts of the two villages.

As we're, for the most part, back to normal here in the Villages, we look beyond our boundaries to help those in greater need.

We ask you to please add your information in the comments to make this ongoing coverage of restoration in the villages as comprehensive as possible. Let us know who's volunteering and who needs volunteers, what events and activities are occurring, what things still have snags that needs fixing, and whatever else is on your mind related to Sandy.

Update 7:32 a.m., Nov. 26: The pumper truck has been delivered, and now it's onto the next collection drive, this time for holiday toys to Hurricane Sandy victims. From our Facebook timeline there's this:

Ilda from Salon 2000, Coffee Labs and Main Street Sweets, we are putting together a toy drive for Sandy victims in Breezy Point. Please drop off wrapped new toys. Labeled boy or girl with the age as follows, by December 15th: 

Salon 2000 newborn -4 years old, 
Main Street Sweets 5-8 
Coffee Labs 9-12 years old. 

Volunteers will be needed all day December 16 to distribute the toys. If you are interested inbox Ilda or you could contact me at 914-943-8032. 

The Nu Toy Store (36 North Main Street, Tarrytown) is giving 10% discount to anyone purchasing toys for this drive.

Thank you in advance for participating! Happy Holidays.

Update 4:40 p.m., Nov. 21: Though Village Hall is offiically closed for the next two days, Sleepy Hollow Firefighters are still collecting donations that they will drop off to Sandy victims on Saturday morning. From now until then citizens are urged to bring necessary goods: nonperishable food, water, diapers, cleaning supplies, gloves, new or barely used clothes, hygiene products (for men, women & children), blankets, school supplies, etc. to the main Beekman Firehouse. If no answers there, they can drop off items at the Police Dept. at any hour. And the really big news: these items will all be delivered in our old yellow pumper truck, which the Village approved donating to Broad Channel as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Update 8:13 a.m., Nov. 20: The Sleepy Hollow Fire Department has forged a relationship with a place they think of as their sister village in Broad Channel, Queens, a place hard hit of course by Hurricane Sandy. Tuesday and Wednesday this week (today and tomorrow) they are accepting donations at Village Hall, second floor, 28 Beekman Avenue, of nonperishable food, water, diapers, cleaning supplies, gloves, new or barely used clothes, hygiene products (for men, women & children), blankets, school supplies. The firefighters will drop these things off and may even throw our old pumper truck into the deal. 

Update 9:15 a.m., Nov. 19: Need help recouping your losses? This comes from Village of Tarrytown this morning:

FEMA has established a Disaster Recovery Center in the Little Theater at the County Center, 198 Central Park Avenue, White Plains.  The center is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The Village has received information that the center has not been crowded, should you consider visiting the center to determine whether you might qualify for any FEMA assistance.  Residents and businesses can meet with FEMA, Con Edison, the Small Business Administration (SBA), representatives from county government offices and departments to obtain needed information and assistance and process claims. You should bring any documentation you might consider pertinent to apply for assistance to the center. 

CON EDISON customers can file food spoilage, temporary housing and other storm damage compensation claims at http://www.coned.com/customercentral/lawclaims. Each submission is being handled on a case-by-case basis. Customers will not be billed by Con Edison for the duration of the service outage because billing is based on usage.

CABLEVISION customers who experienced an outage must file for a reduction on an upcoming bill due to the outage.  You can file by phone with a customer service representative or at www.cablevision.com.

VERIZON FIOS customers who experienced an outage must file for a reduction on an upcoming bill due to the outage.  You can file by phone with a customer service representative.

Update 2 p.m., Nov. 15: Tarrytown Trustee Tom Basher sends out this call for fundraising support: 

Hello to everyone and please understand this is not for myself but for the Breezy Point Community as a whole. Many people have asked me what can they do to help and the outpouring of giving clothes, cleaning materials, baby items etc. has been overwhelming.

Breezy Point has set up a 501c3 to take monetary donations to help defray the huge cost of rebuilding what has been devastated beyond belief. This money will be earmarked (not by politicians, thank God) but by a committee set up of homeowners of Breezy Point who will have the task of distributing the funds. I ask you to give what you can if anything but if you belong to any groups who are looking to do a fundraiser for those affected by the storm please consider this worthwhile cause. 

Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund

c/o Lee & Kane

2175 Flatbush Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11234

Tax ID #46-1331625

For Credit Card Donations: breezypointdisasterrelief.org

Thank you for whatever consideration you can give.

_ Tom Basher

Update 2:36 p.m., Nov. 13: Sleepy Hollow officials have reopened Kingsland Point Park but not yet Devries and Douglas parks. Said Administrator Anthony Giaccio of Kingsland: "Pole has been repaired, but there are still a lot of branches down. We need to do a big clean up, but didn’t want to keep the park closed for this reason." In other news, he also wanted to remind people of their financial assistance options in the face of the storm. Please visit: www.disasterassistance.gov.

Update 11:20 a.m., Nov. 13: Fully restored, with conditions. The Con Edison map shows almost no outages in our area, save for two customers: one with no lights, one with wires down. There are smaller details now to take of, parks still left to open (see below), and as one resident wrote, lights to be fixed along the riverfront. At Horan's Landing in Sleepy Hollow it seems the surge took out power to some of the lights along the path leading to the gazebo. And on the Tarrytown RiverWalk, Rose Cohen reports this: 

Storm remainders. Lights out on the Riverwalk by Pierson Park. Several lights are out on the Riverwalk by Pierson Park ...who is supposed to fix these? Also, the wire deer fencing is half down and half up. Not a good look. Sad note...I also saw a little squirrel on the top of one of the lights...he looked alive but how will he get down??? He is on the corner light closest to the oil company (tanks are gone!).

However, the boats sprinkled around the riverfront by the storm have all been picked up and put back where they belong down here. Applause and thanks to all the marina guys who are working very hard.

Update 8 a.m., Nov. 13: Updates come less often these days, but things are relatively back on track in the villages, save for some of our parks. Devries has downed wires and Douglas has hanging branches. As for Kingsland Point Park and the dog park that many are asking about: Village Administrator Anthony Giaccio says, "There is a pole that is leaning across the road. The County and Con Ed have to coordinate the repair. We can't open until repairs are made."

Once villagers licked their own wounds, they really started to reach out. Amazing efforts have been made to gather and deliver goods to those in much greater need in coastal areas most impacted. The JCC did a drive this weekend, Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital, the COC. And many more. Have something going on you want to share with Patch readers? Please post here in the comments.

Update 8 p.m., Nov. 9: Latest news from Village of Tarrytown, the number without power has dipped below 100:

The following information has been provided to the Village from Con Edison and the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services.  Con Edison has restored 271,000 customers in Westchester County.  There are still 15,000 customers out of power.  According to the Con Edison liaisons there is approximately between 50-75 customers without power in Tarrytown as of 4:00 P.M Friday. They are reviewing their computer sheets with actual visits to affected Village areas to confirm these numbers.  As stated yesterday the Village is in continuous communication with representatives from Con Edison here in Village Hall. Now that most of the large areas have been restored be assured that they are concentrating on clustering and addressing the remaining homes without power. Con Edison’s goal of 11:00 P.M. on Sunday to have all homes completed is still their target. There may be some homes that have such extensive damages that they can’t be completed in that time frame.

Westchester County still has the County Center open for anyone who wants to speak personally with FEMA, the Small Business Association, Mental Health Department, Senior Center Help or Con Edison itself. The hours are from 8:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. until it is no longer needed.

We are still listed in a state of emergency.  

Update 11:30 a.m., Nov. 9: Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital's Dr. Brian Green reports they are involved in a contingent collecting donations along with the Tarrytown Y and the Northside Firehouse on Snowden Ave. in Ossining, to bring down and distribute Sunday to the Rockaways. We are accepting donations at the Animal Hospital on North Broadway until 5 PM today, NO CLOTHES needed but canned and dry goods, baby products, toiletries, batteries, tools, etc. 

Update 8:45 a.m., Nov. 9: The Tarrytown Senior Center is closed today because...they have no power.

Update 4 p.m. Nov. 8: From Village of Tarrytown:

The following information has been provided to the Village from Con Edison and the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services.  Con Edison has restored 240,000 customers in Westchester County.  There remain 33,000 customers out of power.  There were 146 customers without power in Tarrytown this morning; however, this is an increase of 6 customers from yesterday.  Although the Village is in continuous communication with representatives from Con Edison, their restoration protocols are still based upon eliminating the largest number of customer outages and working through to the areas with minimal outages. Crews on the border of one Village may also be working in a neighboring Village if the power lines overlap between two places. It should be noted that this afternoon approximately 11 trucks and 20 workers were in the Irving area of Tarrytown. We are waiting at the time of this update to confirm they are working on our customers (not all) in that area. If confirmed by our Con Edison liaison who is out checking this would bring our total down to 93 customers without power at this time (4:00 P.M.)  

Westchester County has opened the County Center for anyone who wants to speak personally with FEMA, the Small Business Association, Mental Health Department, Senior Center Help or Con Edison itself. The hours are from 3:00 P.M. – until 7:00 P.M. today and from 8:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. until it is no longer needed
We are still listed in a state of emergency.  

Update 1 p.m., Nov. 8:

From the County Executive's Office:

County Executive Robert P. Astorino announced today the opening of a multi-purpose Hurricane Sandy recovery center in White Plains that will be staffed seven days a week.

Astorino will officially open the site on Thursday, Nov. 8 at 3 p.m. The County Center is located at 198 Central Ave., White Plains. He will be joined by officials from FEMA, county commissioners and non-for-profit representatives. At Astorino’s request, Kevin Burke, chairman and CEO of Con Edison, also will be there.  

Starting Friday, the recovery center will operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week until further notice. Parking fees at the County Center have been waived. The FEMA center will handle as one storm Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter.

Update 10:05 a.m., Nov. 8: Though Con Edison reports an additional 35,000 customers out due to last night's storm, temporarily inhibiting their restoration efforts from last week's power-buster, it seems Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow did alright.

Village Administrator Anthony Giaccio says no new outages in Sleepy Hollow have been reported. But, that doesn't make up for the 11 days some small pockets of folks have been without power.

I asked on Facebook this morning if anyone without power had regained it and lost it again last night. The responses said: no, we never had it back in the first place!

From Facebook:

  • "The Irving neighborhood, right next to the JCC, has been without power since last Monday. 11 days. No work, no word, nothing. That's about 40 houses. It's ridiculous."
  • "I met a woman in C-Town yesterday who hasn't had power or heat for ELEVEN DAYS. She was arguing with a ConEd supervisor because, as with several times before when she called, they had no further info for her. She has a sick son at home. I gave her my info, but something isn't right here when that happens. Her area of Tarrytown or Sleepy Hollow has been abandoned, she feels, by ConEd and the linemen who came, said they'd return, and never did."

Extreme Cold Alert from the National Weather Service: wind chill near 18 degrees.

Update 4:17 p.m., Nov. 7: the latest news from the Village of Tarrytown:

The following information has been provided to the Village from Con Edison and the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services. Con Edison has restored 193,000 customers in Westchester County. There remain 37,000 customers out of power. There are also 4,270 Verizon customers without phone service, as reduction in outages of 430. There are currently 140 customers without power in Tarrytown, which is less than 3% of the Tarrytown customers; however, this is only a decrease of 12 customers from yesterday.

Although the Village is in continuous communication with representatives from Con Edison, their restoration protocols are based upon eliminating the largest number of customer outages and working through to the areas with minimal outages. Yesterday, Con Edison restored Ridgecroft, which reflects a large number of customers in a small area, but their restoration efforts did not reach to other areas in the Village who are without power but have a smaller customer base out of power.  

Westchester County has received a federal disaster declaration which enables individuals to qualify to apply for reimbursement for unreimbursed losses. In order to qualify, you must first register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Individuals may register by: www.DisasterAssistance.gov. ~

  • Apply via smart phone at m.fema.gov.
  • Call the registration phone number at 1-800-621-3362; those who have a speech disability or hearing loss and use TTY, should call 1-800-462-7585 directly; for those who use 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS), call 1-800-621-3362.  FEMA will be establishing a Disaster Recovery Facility at the Westchester County Center starting on Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and individuals can register at the facility.  

Should you have experienced an outage with Cablevision or FIOS from Hurricane Sandy, you can request a reduction in your bill. Should you have Cablevision, you should call Cablevision within within 30 days of your service being restored. If you have FIOS, you need to call and speak to a Customer Service representative and explain that you are requesting a reduction in your bill due to the storm.

All of the warming centers noted in previous updates remain open.  


Update 2:30 p.m., Nov. 7: The latest outage map from Con Edison still indicates a November 9 midnight restoration of power to the following places still in the dark:

  • 10 outages affecting 47 customers in Philipse Manor
  • 2 outages, 2 customers up 448
  • 14 outages, 23 customers off Neperan Road
  • 3 outages, 6 customers in the Loh Street area. 

Note that Con Ed website figures often aren't exactly on track with what's happening on the ground. Are you still without power in a neigbhorhood not mentioned here? Share below. 

Volunteers are rising to aid those most impacted by Sandy in coastal New York and New Jersey, and there are certainly many opportunities for outreach. Some nice news:

The Community Opportunity Center wants to share that they have loads and loads of donations coming in to the center. They are partnering with Main Street Sweets to deliver the donations to affected areas in Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. Some of the donations will stay for our local community as well. 

Todd Ruppel of Rivertown Runners reports that through The RTR Outreach Fund they were able to contribute $500 each to the RSHM Life Center and The Food Pantry at Christ Church to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

Other efforts underway from Bridge View Tavern, the Tarrytown Fire Department, and more. Share details with me and I'll pass them along here. 

Update 8 a.m., Nov. 7: Elections happened Tuesday in the villages without anything but minor glitches reminding people of the storm they've been through. See how the Villages voted here and the Election Hub of all races and stories coming in here. The most storm-related story of all: Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti was uncontested in his rerun so he ran against Con Edison

On Monday, the Tarrytown Board was able to gather for the first time in a while. Hurricane Sandy remained the center of attention. Mayor Drew Fixell thanked village workers for their yeoman efforts during and after the superstorm’s extended pre-Halloween visit last week, saying, “We are incredibly appreciative of the incredible work that everybody did.”

Update 6 p.m., Nov. 5: Food/clothing drive Tues. Consolidated Engine and the Tarrytown Fire Department are collecting non-perishable food, and clothing, to benefit victims of Sandy. Donations can be dropped off at the corner of Sheldon and Meadow from 5pm-9pm tomorrow (Tuesday November 6). Please park on Sheldon. 

And a note from the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Community Coalition's Theresa Kilman: 

At our meeting this morning, the group came to a consensus that anyone wanting to help could do so in the following ways:

1) Gift Certificates in $10 or $20 denominations to C-Town, Walgreens, or CVS can be mailed to or dropped off at the RSHM Life Center, 32-34 Beekman Ave, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591 Attention: Susan Gardella. The gift certificates will be distributed to the most needy based on referrals.

2) Make a contribution to the Community Food Pantry c/o Christ Church, 43 South Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591.  Phone 914-631-2074.  Checks should be made out to:  Community Food Pantry.  Food purchased with monies raised will be distributed on November 15th.  For volunteer information, the link is:http://vols.pt/jikk12

3) More volunteer opportunities can be found at www.volunteer-center.org

Update 4:22 p.m., Nov. 5: Gearing up for elections and, thankfully, all of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow polling stations are electrified or on generators and operational for the big day.

Meanwhile, the latest news from the Village of Tarrytown (who is getting very regular lately with their updates):

Con Edison has restored 159,000 customers in Westchester County. There remain 67,000 customers out of power. There are also 2,477 Verizon customers without phone service. We do not have any information specific to Tarrytown. There are currently 715 customers without power in Tarrytown, which is slightly less than 14% of the Tarrytown customers, which is a decrease from the 21% out of power yesterday. Con Edison is directing their restoration efforts today to schools and polling places.           

There are approximately 850 linemen, both Con Edison and mutual aid (from other states as far away as California) working on the restoration project.  Con Edison requested that we convey that restoration work just outside of the Village should help to address restoration work in Tarrytown, because the work may be restoring loops and feeders that serve our neighboring communities as well as Tarrytown.  

The Village has been informed that crews will be directed to the Irving neighborhood tomorrow. There is an estimated time of recovery of 11:00 pm tomorrow for this neighborhood.  

All of the warming centers noted in previous updates will remain open [note the COC is no longer an overnight shelter but is open by day].  

In regards to the availability of gasoline, as of 3:00 pm today, the Shell station has no gas but is expecting a delivery tonight at 8:00 pm.  The Mobil station has no gas but is expecting a delivery at 6:00 pm tonight.  The Hess station is open and has approximately 5,000 gallons remaining with 15-20 cars in line.

Update 9:40 a.m., Nov. 5: What a difference a day makes. Last night shortly after a resident's 9:30 p.m. report of a sighting of trucks on Pocantico, power was restored to most customers in the village, reported Village Administrator Anthony Giaccio. The latest numbers according to Con Ed this morning are: 21 outages still in Sleepy Hollow with 345 customers affected; 36 outages in Tarrytown with 535 customers affected (note these numbers are estimates and may be slower to be updated than the actual restoration efforts). 

Update 9:30 p.m., Nov. 4: Sleepy Hollow resident Vishal Brown said he just saw 5 Con Ed trucks repairing lines on Pocantico! Jackpot, we hope...

Update 3:14 p.m., Nov. 4: This update comes from Tarrytown this afternoon: 

According to our Con Edison municipal liaison, Con Edison noted to him this morning that they would be directing their efforts in Tarrytown today on Meadow Street at Sheldon Avenue and Neperan Road at Irving Avenue.  According to Con Edison, work in these areas should restore larger areas in the Village without power.  We discovered this afternoon that this was not the case and we will be taking this up with Con Edison.  

Con Edison requested that we convey that restoration work just outside of Tarrytown should help to address restoration work in Tarrytown, because the work may be occurring on loops and feeders that serve our neighboring communities as well as Tarrytown.  

There are currently 1,095 customers without power, which is 21% of the Con Edison customers in Tarrytown, which is down from 27% yesterday.  Since there were no linemen directly in the Village today, efforts outside of the Village prompted some restoration in Tarrytown.  There are 88,000 Con Edison customers in the County without power and there are 126,000 customers have been restored.  There are 125 mutual aid lineman crews and 140 Con Ed crews working on the restoration efforts.  This crew number equates to approximately 1,400 linemen working on the restoration efforts.

Con Edison is checking all polling places to assure that the polling places are functioning on Tuesday.  Currently in Tarrytown, all polling places but 2 have electricity.  The remaining 2 polling places, which are also fire houses (Consolidated Engine and Washington Engine), are operational on generator.   
All of the warming centers noted in previous updates will remain open.  The Community Opportunity Center will continue to operate as a warming shelter; however, the COC will no longer serve as an overnight shelter.

The 3 gas stations in the Village do not have gasoline as of 2:30 pm today.

Update 11:40 p.m., Nov. 3: A list of facilities available for folks still without power comes from the Sleepy Hollow Police Department:


Community Opportunity Center* - 105 Wildey Street, Tarrytown.  914- 631-7340, note they are no available as an overnight shelter.

James Galgano Building - 55 Elm Street, Sleepy Hollow:  Sunday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Warner Library - 121 North Broadway, Tarrytown, (914) 631-7734, Monday 10:00am – 9:00pm


Sleepy Hollow High/Middle School -210 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow. Sunday - 8:00am to 4:00pm

Tarrytown YMCA – 62 Main St, Tarrytown, (914) 631-4807. 

Mon-Thurs  5:00am – 10:30pm,

Fri. 5:00am – 10:00pm

Saturday & Sunday 7:00am – 7:00pm

Contact the Sleepy Hollow Police Department for further information at (914) 631-0800.

Update 3:25 p.m., Nov. 3: The following comes from the Village of Tarrytown: 

There are currently 6 crews in the Village of Tarrytown performing work. 5 of the crews are working on restoration work.  The 6th crew continues to work on Village emergency work which was assigned 3 days ago on Union Avenue between Sunnyside and Highland.

The Tarrytown School District will be opening the high school gym locker rooms for people who want to take a hot shower.~ The locker rooms will be available on Saturday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Sunday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  In addition, the EF School on Marymount Avenue is offering a warm place to stay (not overnight), showers, a warm meal and a place to charge your electronic devices.  This is in addition to the warming shelters and sheltering information included in yesterday’s update.   

As of this afternoon, 110,000 customers remain out of power and 100,000 customers have been restored since the inception of the storm.  In Tarrytown, there are currently 1,417 customers without power (27%) which is down from the 35% without power yesterday.  With 5 restoration crews in the Village, we anticipate that this percentage will continue to decrease throughout the afternoon. 

Con Edison wants to get the word out that even though you may now have power, you may lose power on a temporary basis while the linemen restore power to the area near you that does not have power.  At the present time, Con Edison is focusing their restoration efforts on areas with the greatest number of outages.

All 3 gas stations in the Village now have electricity; however, two stations have gas.  The Shell station received a delivery of 4,200 gallons and the Hess station received 18,000 of gas.  According to the information that has been provided by the state, the fuel situation should be back to normal within the next 48 hours.  If you believe a gas station is price gouging, please contact the Westchester County Department of Consumer Affairs at 995-2155.  

Tomorrow, information regarding polling places for Tuesday’s election will be included in the update.  

Update 4:30 p.m., Nov. 2: Sleepy Hollow Mayor Ken Wray says Webber Park is ready for trick-or-treaters "no matter what," recalling how people put out candles in the snow last year to guide the path of children and their parents. He also said that the Galgano Senior Center is open now as a warming station from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily as the need exists. Now it is running on generators but the village is "okay for diesel," the Mayor said. He and Justin Wagner (running for Senate) were out handing out water bottles door to door at the Van Tassel apartments and trying to get shelter information to the people still there.

Christ Church has their parish hall open if people are cold and need a warm place, with a kitchen, to gather. 

Update 3:05 p.m., Nov. 2: On Facebook, Dr. Brian Green writes: Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital now has power. We are also a Wireless Hotspot. If people need to get work done, we'll make room for you. And we've got plenty of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, so don't be shy!"

An Mike Coffey writes: "The Tarrytown FD will be holding a food drive shortly. Any non perishable food/drinks are welcome. Drop-offs can be made to Washington Engine (157 White Plains Road) this Monday between 6 & 8 PM. Other firehouses will also be utilized and details will be released as they become available."

Update 2:55 p.m., Nov. 2: Jenifer Ross of Tarrytown's W@tercooler reports: "18 under our roof today plus a few drop-ins... Great feeling of community continues to fill the air. We will be open tomorrow [Sat] from 9-5 for anyone who needs to connect, charge or commune."

Update 2:28 PM, Nov. 2: Sleepy Hollow Police Chief Gregory Camp reports the line is already forming again at Route 9's Mobil Station in anticipation of a gas delivery slated to come soon. He won't let the line go past Beekman, however and cause a real traffic situation. 

Phelps Memorial Hospital, following the cancellation of Tuesday's blood drive at Lyndhurst, reported they are in dire need of donors. "We are now experiencing a critical shortage due to the storm," Carol Stanley, Supervisor of Donor Services, writes. Please call the donor center to sign up at (914) 366-3919.

Finally, Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner announces a need for big volunteering: house angels wanted to take in elderly people who are calling him nonstop and require a bit more than a shelter can provide. Read more in his blog here.

Update 1:06 PM, Nov. 2: Community Opportunity Center would welcome clean blankets. Kristin Lanza, COC Director, would also appreciate any after school help with arts and crafts for the children staying at the shelter. Contact her at 914- 631-7340 or just show up anytime. YMCA is still offering showers and complimentary toiletry, towel kits to those in need, nonmembers as well.

Update 12:56 PM, Nov. 2: Warner Library announces further extension of hours today and beyond: Emergency Hours for the Library: 
Friday, November 2nd 10 AM - 8 PM; Saturday, November 3rd 10 AM - 7 PM; Sunday November 4th  10 AM - 5 PM; Monday, November 5th 10 AM - 9 PM.

Update 12:51 PM, Nov. 2: Justin Wagner for State Senate (redistricted District 40, now including Sleepy Hollow) campaign spokesperson writes, "Mayor Wray, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, and Justin Wagner will be going door to door handing out water at the Van Tassel Apartment Complex today from 3:00 to 4:00." Van Tassel tenants, over 200 of them, are still without power and are estimed to among those restored by Nov. 9.

Update Noon, Nov. 2: For the approximately 2,800 customers still out of power in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow (down from yesterday morning's 3,300), Con Edison now lists a restoration time. It's been pending until now when they give an estimated date of November 9, 11:59 p.m. for all sites down in the villages. See the outage map here, and note these figures are not always accurate and denote customers (by household) and not individual residents.

Update 9:20 AM, Nov. 2: Hess station gas station at 119 and Route 9 in Tarrytown still going strong.

Update 9 AM, Nov. 2: Ah the sounds of trains running down the tracks are back. Expect some minor delays, but service has been restored from Croton-Harmon to Grand Central. Apparently the Tarrytown Train Station saw 2.5 feet of water during the surge. Writes Roy on Facebook: "I'm on the 8.12 from Tarrytown right now. Train is very empty: lots of seats. We ran very slow through Riverdale, and just stopped for a few seconds near Highbridge yard. I reckon we'll be no more than 10 minutes late into GCT. Good job Metro-North!"

Update 7:30 AM, Nov. 2: Tarrytown Honda reports they are open to the public for charging devices, using power and phone lines during normal business hours.

Update 12 AM, Nov. 2: Bjorn Olsson of The Tarrytown Music Hall writes: "We put out power strips for phone charging and opened up a wifi-signal for patrons at the Aimee Mann show tonight, and we're inviting locals to sit in our lobby and charge/surf during our box office hours tomorrow and Saturday (12pm-5pm)."

Update 9:28 PM, Nov. 1: Webber Park neighborhood has power back.

Update 8 PM, Nov. 1: TUFSD reports an almost-full restoration of schools: John Paulding, Sleepy Hollow Middle School, and Sleepy Hollow High School will follow a normal school day schedule on Friday, November 2.  School starting time for Washington Irving will be on a one hour delay. School starting time for Morse students will be on a two hour delay.  Morse students will continue to be located at WI.

Update 9 PM, Nov. 1: John Conrad reports: "We have power on Bedford rd. Some of my neighbors and friends on Amos St and Sleepy Hollow road tell me they are back as well."

Update 2:15 PM Nov. 1. Mobil gas station was the only station open on North Broadway with power, but they have just run out of gas, having turn away a long line of cars stretching from in front of the high school to Beekman. One car had waited in line 30 minutes to be turned away just as they were next up. Police are manning the five-point intersection at Route 9 and 448 which has no lights. Neither does the intersection at Route 119 and Route 9 in Tarrytown. Please be safe as you cross these areas and drive slowly.

Update 12:55 PM, Nov. 1: 

It may take till Nov. 9 before all parts of Sleepy Hollow have power restored, Con Ed has just informed village officials, according to Anthony Giaccio. 

Upate Noon, Nov. 1: Power is restored to 300 South Broadway complex, and the Quay across the street. 


Con Edison Updates:

Con Edison: 55K Restored in Westchester

Con Ed: Expect 'Significant Progress' Over Next 2 Days

Astorino: Con Ed Has Not Diverted Resources Away from Westchester

Con Ed: Restoration Underway; Dry Ice Distribution (Wed., Oct. 31)


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Krista Madsen (Editor) November 02, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Footnight on the Aimee Man show last night at Music Hall, from Olson: "It was nice, people really enjoyed getting out of the house and do something fun and normal. She opened her set with, of all things, a Barry Manilow cover! New lyrics for "Mandy", renamed "Sandy"
Krista Madsen (Editor) November 02, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Community Center on 105 Wildey is still going strong, as long as the need exists. YMCA is still offering showers to nonmembers.
Alberta M. Jarane November 02, 2012 at 06:44 PM
Can you correct the date for the article's timeline? Most of them read as happening October versus November. Thanks!
Krista Madsen (Editor) November 02, 2012 at 06:45 PM
oh my, thank you. Goes to show you how I'm lost in time this week.
Katie P. November 03, 2012 at 08:41 PM
Anyone know of any clothing and blanket donation centers in the area? I've got a bag ready to go, but I can't find any place to take it.
Jerry Eimbinder November 03, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Kathryn, See the Patch article about Midnight Run, phone: 914-693-7818, headquartered in Dobbs Ferry but with other drop off locations, posted on www.rivertowns.patch.com and dated March 8, 2012. http://rivertowns.patch.com/articles/midnight-run-a-dobbs-ferry-charitable-organization-is-working-to-satisfy-a-new-need-of-the-homeless
joy November 03, 2012 at 11:08 PM
I agree Jerry - i dropped stuff at the Midnight Run this week.
Sam November 04, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Anyone know if power is back in Van Tassel apartments? Con Ed website had an outage triangle at 95 Beekman but I don't see it anymore. Can anyone comment? Thanks.
Krista Madsen (Editor) November 05, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Have you asked the Community Center, I know they were figuring out how to get a couple van loads of stuff to the city. Here are some others, and I will keep adding to this list as I learn of more locally. http://patch.com/A-zpT8
Katie P. November 05, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Thanks! I wil try the community center and look into Midnight Run.
L. Potier November 08, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Christ Church, across from the Baptist Church, corner of Elizabeth Street. The doors are open and there are bins for Blankets and clothing as well as for cleaning products and work gloves.
Jerry Eimbinder November 09, 2012 at 03:24 PM
There was no wait at the pumps at Tarrytown Auto Shell at 9:30 a.m. this morning, 179 Old White Plains Road (off Benedict Ave. at the intersection with 119). Unleaded regular costs $4.159 per gallon.
joy November 11, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Anyone know if Kingsland and the dog park have opened?
Krista Madsen (Editor) November 12, 2012 at 10:58 PM
From Village Administrator Anthony Giaccio: There is a pole that is leaning across the road. The County and Con Ed have to coordinate the repair. We can't open until repairs are made.


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