Tarrytown: Live Wires, Many Roads Closed

Every emergency response agency we have in the village was up through the night helping people and clearing problems. Here's how things are going this morning.

The firefighters of Tarrytown were luckily not putting out any fires last night, but they were up all night helping folks evacuate and responding to calls about downed trees. 

Firemen reported no accidents or injuries that they knew of, only a mess. They also carried the elderly residents of the Marymount Convent up the stairs when their elevators no longer worked.

When Hudson River waters flooded all the way to the Franklin Courts apartments across from the Tarrytown Police headquarters, about 15 people had to be evacuated in the night. They were brought to the Main Street firehouse, where volunteers set them up with cots and even cooked them breakfast (eggs, etc.) in the morning before the families could return back home. 

Tarrytown DPW foreman Scott Weaver was driving around taking stock at 11 a.m. of the damage tally. 

He reported the following roads closed due to downed trees "involved in wires":

  • Wilson Park Drive, with a tree down in each lane
  • Paulding Avenue and Munroe Street
  • Union Avenue in the Crest neighborhood, between Rosehill and Fairview
  • Meadow Street
  • Browning Lane
  • South Broadway past the TZB entrance toward Irvington
  • Van Wart Avenue 
  • Sunnyside Avenue

Several trees were uprooted and hit homes on 144 South Broadway and 21 Beech Lane. 

"Our crews are out and two loaders, and we're getting it cleared," Weaver said. 

Meanwhile, the line for coffee is long and the competition for an outlet is stiff at the McDonalds. Nearby Dunkin' Donuts is in the dark. Goldberg Hardware is open but sold out of D batteries. They have no generators. They do have sand bags. 

Families itchy after being in their homes for a day are walking around assessing the situation themselves, pointing to how high the water came in the night and gawking at the boat washed ashore in Pierson Park.

We are still feeling the storm though, so police advise caution. Conditions are windy and rainy and live lines are still down.

Tarrytown Police wanted to remind people to please respect road closures, yellow tape lines, and of course downed wires. People were allegedly moving barricades and tape, one officer said, and taking risks they shouldn't be. The phone lines had only just come back up at headquarters at 10:40 a.m.

Bored without power? How about reading a new book? Jos Niforos of Kosmos Book Shops reports his store is open on Central Avenue.

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Krista Madsen (Editor) October 30, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Update from Tarrytown Village Administrator Mike Blau: Our phone system was down but is now operational. We have 2772 customers out of power. The pump station is operating on generator at the present time. DPW is out working on clearing the streets. There is a Con Edison crew in the Village that is performing work in conjunction with the Village removing trees from power lines. Only after this work is completed can Con Ed start the process of restoring power to homes and businesses. We also ended up with 3 boats in our waterfront parks. 1 in the RiverWalk Park and 2 in Losee Park.
Krista Madsen (Editor) October 30, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Three boats on land then!


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