Sleepy Hollow’s Own Star Female Cop

Officer Wendy Yancey in her natural element. Photo credit: courtesy
Officer Wendy Yancey in her natural element. Photo credit: courtesy

Officer Wendy Yancey, the only black female cop in the Sleepy Hollow police force, and in fact, the only female cop at all, wasn’t the inspiration for the Fox series’ Lt. Abbie Mills lead (played by Nicole Beharie), but she should be.

Yancey also has a sister and the two are lifetime residents. They didn’t once see four white trees in the cemetery but they certainly wandered its grounds.

“We would ride our bikes through and always get spooked,” she said.

They were both cheerleaders; now they both lead cheerleading. Yancey is always very involved with youth as she is one of the youth officers on the force, doing everything from instructing school-age kids to helping parents properly install car seats. 

The show however leans to an older teen-to-adult audience as it boasted no less than three beheadings in its first hour. All in the line of duty? Luckily, Yancey’s seen no such thing here though she’s done everything from help deliver a baby in a backseat to be among the first responders to our recent Beekman Avenue shooting.

Now, if Yancey isn’t out on the beat on Monday nights, she’ll be religiously watching this new Sleepy Hollow series, which she says she loves. She also doesn’t mind the extra attention it’s giving her.

“It's funny, I received so many phone calls asking if it was based on me, and when I walked into work this morning, a passerby called me Abbie!” she said. 

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday nights on Fox, 9 p.m.

Wolfpack Coaches September 25, 2013 at 11:42 AM
Two great ladies, and great contributors to the community!


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